Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cars all day

I had great plans to cut the boys' hair after lunch and then go to Costco. Totally didn't work out that way, because of Ronin. Lunch was fine, but it was while I was feeding Audrey after the boys that the trouble began. Nikko got hold of the McQueen car and wouldn't let it go. Ronin really wanted it. I told Ronin he couldn't play with it right now, that it was Nikko's turn. Ronin wouldn't hear anything about it. I promised myself I wouldn't yell at him today, but it was extremely hard. I put Ronin in timeout next to his high chair and he was super mad, wailing the whole time. Nikko was very patiently playing with the car on the table, ignoring Ronin and sometimes walking by him as if to taunt him silently. I don't blame Nikko, really, since Ronin taunts Nikko just the same. Somehow I managed to get us all out of the house into the gloomy, rainy day. We went to Wal-Mart in search for Doc Hudson. Nikko fell asleep and continued to doze in the double stroller. His head was flopping all over the place. Doc Hudson was MIA, but I found Ramone so we got him. I thought I could make it to Costco but I forgot the sale booklet at home and had to weigh the temperaments of the kids to see what else I could handle. I opted to go to Meijer to look for Doc Hudson and still came up short. By now Audrey was getting antsy from being in her car seat for so long, so I headed home. I put in Nemo so the kids could unwind from being cooped up in the car. During dinner, Denis came home so the kids got to see him earlier than usual. Nikko wanted to do some running in the kitchen after dinner, using his GO, so that's exactly what we did. I also engaged in some tickle play with him and Ronin in the living room. Before bedtime I took out the Cars wall decals I got from Target the other day and dispersed them on Ronin's and Nikko's walls. I gave Nikko the opportunity to stick Mater on the wall himself, as well as a few other random stickers.

Tomorrow Nikko's class will take their field trip to the Grove in Glenview for their pumpkin patch. It's going to be cold, but Nikko won't wear a hat or gloves long enough to stay in one place. I'll have to put his hood on, hoping that will be enough protection for him. And his winter coat. No gloves... I hope he'll be ok. Plus, since they told us not to bring his backpack, I hope he'll be fine if he doesn't bring his burp cloth. There will be nowhere to put it.

One more thing... after lunch Nikko came up to me and signed POPCORN. This is the sign I use for those Pirate Booty corn puffs because I don't have a better sign for it. He looked at me skeptically, knowing Popcorn was as hard a sell as Cookie. But I told him I'd give him some if he ate his nuggets, which he made an attempt to do. When I was signing back Popcorn, I tried to anunciate POP-corn, and after a few tries I SWEAR I heard the sound "Pop" come from his mouth. Never heard again. But maybe I can coax another word from him soon....

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