Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Nikko had a good progress report from school today:

OT - Did swing & trampoline activities. Each week Nikko stays with the activities a little longer. Lots of smiles today. At Table - played with unifex cubes, stringing beads & play floam.
ST - Nikko doesn't cover his ears when he sees me anymore! Now he smiles. :)

Ah, good things!

In the afternoon we had a play date with Jovy. The kids were happy with the company, and I could tell that Nikko was excited that there were new people in the house because he was doing the Nikko dance and falling clumsily to the floor. He bounced on the trampoline a few times, too. After they left, I put the two younger ones down for their naps (Audrey was way overdue) and Nikko was left to have a snack with me. I gave him some Pirate Booty white corn puffs, which he liked immensely. When he wanted more, I realized I didn't have a sign for corn puffs, so I used the sign for Popcorn, which I learned yesterday. You point the index fingers of both hands upward, like popping corn. It's kind of like the word for Stars, but I think the hands are more together for Stars. Anyway, Nikko imitated my hands to get more, and even later in the evening he came up to me and signed Popcorn for dessert. I had to comply.

Denis and I caught the end of Nightline tonight and the topic was the H1N1 flu virus. They showed children that caught it. The one on tv had asthma. I was immediately stricken and alert because it made me worry about Ronin. While Nikko is the one who goes to preschool and has more of a chance of exposure, I think any kind of flu would affect Ronin the greatest because his immune system is weaker than the other two, due to his asthma and respiratory problems. If Ronin gets a high fever or severe asthma symptoms this winter, I'm not going to wait to bring him to the doctor this time. He might not last four days. I worry about Nikko getting sick because he can't express to me how he feels. Poor guy.

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