Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Audrey's Birthday

Nikko didn't seem to have much of an appetite during breakfast, or for the last three days for that matter. He goes in spurts where he'll eat all the nuggets on his plate, plus grapes, or eat lots of bread and butter, but then the following meal will be scant. I tried pushing it this evening, but of course it didn't make him eat more. He went off to preschool without his siblings in tow because we've had some late mornings over the weekend and I am trying to get us back on schedule.

Mrs. I, the OT, wrote this on the progress report:
Continuing to facilitate Nikko staying engaged with more heavy work activities to improve body awareness and participation. Activities are trampoline, wheelbarrel walk, crawling and swing. At table work, Nikko is doing nicely with his bead stringing and looking at boundaries for dot art.

Those are very good things! I wonder if having a trampoline at home helps, or doesn't help him at OT.

We had lunch, and then pretty much got ready to go to mom's house to have lunch over there in honor of Audrey's 1st birthday. When I put on Nikko's socks and slip on his shoes, he bends over to help push the velcro over his feet. Doesn't initiate putting on his jacket, but does slip his arms in the holes when I hold it open for him. Lately he's been pretty patient while I dress him up, then put him aside to finish Ronin and Audrey's outerwear. He fell asleep on the way to mom's house and woke up when we got there. For some reason, he wasn't in the easiest of moods when we got out of the car. He stood by the Pilot and didn't take any steps forward when I called to him. I had to lead him to the house. Inside, he sat on the couch with his hands over his ears again. He didn't seem to warm up to anyone for a while. His appetite wasn't there, either, although he did finish his lunch at home. When we sang Happy Birthday to Audrey, he covered his ears and gave a loud protest again, so Atz immediately took the song down to a hushed volume. It was kind of funny to sing happy birthday so hush-hush! He was very interested in the Clown Cake and concentrated on the icing. (NOTE: What is Clown Cake? In the Alog household, for every birthday my mom would make a German Chocolate Cherry Cake, top it with a homemade chocolate icing, and put little colored ball sprinkles on top. We used candles, but she always put the head of a clown in the center of the cake. Now the head is lost, but the cake retained its name.)

We came home and I put Nemo in the DVD player. I had wanted to make a trip to Costco on the way home, but Ronin and Audrey were sleeping so I decided to save the outing for Wednesday. At home, we were chilling out before dinner time. Lately, Nikko and Ronin have been fighting mercilessly over toys and I've had to play the referee. After dinner, they were fighting over a cloth toy barn with little animals that Audrey got for her birthday. Ronin had the barn, but Nikko wanted to play with it. Ronin ran around the living room, screaming in a very high-pitched voice, with Nikko crying and lunging at him for the barn. It got really ugly a few times, and I had to intervene by holding Nikko back. Finally I switched my stance and held Ronin back while Nikko played with it. Ronin was screaming bloody murder, but I knew that Nikko would play with it for a few minutes and then lose interest. I just had to wait for that to happen. Sure enough, he was watching TV and lost interest so Denis slipped it away and gave it to screamer-boy. It's times like that where I want to scream my own head off, but luckily we weathered the storm. Audrey was put to bed at 8:45, the time she was born a year ago.

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