Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chinny to the rescue

I'm going to have to ask Nikko's teachers what the ASL sign for Bus is. Apparently he's signing it in speech. I looked it up online but am confused because there seem to be multiple versions. I saw that there is a Sign Language night coming up on the 29th. Whole family is invited, so I might very well drag everyone. I'd like to be on the same page with the others on what signs are being used. Today he waved at the twins' mom when we parted. Later in the day, Chinny came to visit us and when she came in we all said Hi and Nikko started waving Hi to her. His hand wasn't facing outward, but was facing inward and cupped, but I saw that he was shaking it up and down in a greeting. That works for me! Perhaps his motor planning isn't telling him to turn his hand and wave side to side. He's trying to copy us, so that is great. Chinny was so kind to offer to go to the grocery for me. I have honestly been trying to go all week, but it seems like when I'm with the kids solo I can only handle one store a day. It was Target one day, then Costco the next, and I couldn't make it to the grocery because Ronin had to have a stable nap since I was dragging the kids around during their proper naptimes.

Audrey has had two phenomenal days of gains in her walking. Yesterday she was pulling up to stand on furniture and taking 4-5 steps before plopping down on her butt, then looking up for an audience and clapping her hands in approval once she got it. This evening at the in-laws both Vunge and I noticed that Audrey was able to get into a squatting position, then pull herself up to a standing position without any support. And she was toddling with more steps than yesterday. Amazing! Did I forget to mention what Nikko did yesterday when Audrey was going to go to bed? I usually bring her to the boys so they can give her good night kisses. They both lean in and give her a kiss. AW. Audrey had dropped her pacifier on the floor; Nikko retrieved it, then positioned it in front of her face and pushed it into her mouth. Easy peasy. I thought that was very observant and thoughtful of Nikko to know that it was Audrey's pacifier and that she usually has it in her mouth.

Tomorrow we're supposed to meet my friend Abe downtown for a late lunch. I know the morning is going to fly, and I hope we can make the most of our time downtown with the kids.

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