Monday, October 26, 2009

Mom sits the boys

Mom came over and I put the Disney Cars DVD in the player. When Nikko ran into the kitchen and saw her, he started crying because he knew I would be leaving somewhere. It was Ronin that needed to be picked up in protest, while Nikko stood next to Mom crying. Audrey's skin test was negative to food allergies and any others they tried on her. That's one less thing to worry about now, and I'm glad we did it. No surprise visits to the ER for me, please! When we got back, the boys were very happy to see me. Mom told me that there was almost no more crying from Nikko because he ran back to watch Cars. There were also no naps to be had by the boys, so I put Ronin down for a nap around 5pm because I don't think he would survive until 9pm. Nikko didn't fall asleep at all, so I hope he tuckered out when it was lights out. He had another round of shaking it out today, so I wonder if it maybe wasn't the Red 40 affecting him. Maybe it's just HIM.

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