Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Playdate with Boon

So it wasn't quite lunchtime, but I did keep my word and took the kids out for a playdate. Putting on those running boards on the Pilot was taking longer than initially expected. This was causing me to start getting lazy about leaving the house with the kids to go play with Boon, the kid of a very good couple I'm friends with. But I think having the kids go out and experience something different is better than staying at home, watching TV and messing up the living room. Once I heard the Pilot was good to go I confirmed that we'd be making the drive to Elgin. Denis and his dad stayed to work on the lawn mower but ran to Sears to go get some extra parts. It took me an hour but I was able to get the three kids' diapers changed, prepare the food bag and get the socks, shoes and coats on everyone. I should time myself the next time I have to suit everyone up. I didn't bring a toy bag because I figured we might lose stuff there. I did, however, pack along Chick Hicks and Mater in case Ronin had a meltdown.

When we arrived, I had one awake baby girl and two sleeping brothers. Everyone woke up when we were inside, however, and Boon had a plethora of cars and trains to choose from. There was a lot of parallel play, which is to be expected. Boon was a friendly chatterbox and was very accommodating about sharing his toys. But toward the end, Ronin started getting obsessed with Doc Hudson and their McQueen. Our McQueen is lost in the house somewhere. It's probably under the couch but I can't reach it. Ronin was starting to pry McQueen from Nikko's hands and a battle was ensuing. That's when I deemed it time to go, right after the diaper changes. When I had to change Nikko, he realized that he would have to leave all the toys and trains so he started protesting and not wanting to put on shoes or his coat. The scene was getting ugly so I pulled a lollipop from my bag and presented it to him. Presto! He was calm and let me finish dressing him up. Ronin was not so calm, but there was no placating him until we got home. Boon's parents were so kind to give me some toilet training books and picture schedule that they received from a seminar and used to work with their nephew, who is autistic. I will have to read the book soon so I can help Nikko get up to speed on going to the potty. Toliet Training for Individuals with Autism & Related Disorders by Maria Wheeler is the book.

Before dinner I was playing with the kids to distract Ronin and just to help them unwind. Nikko suddenly got on the trampoline and was jumping as if he thoroughly enjoyed it. I praised him for it, and when Ronin joined him I tried to usher Ronin off so that Nikko didn't "accidentally" push him off, which was exactly what was happening. I wanted Nikko to jump as much as he wanted; Ronin could jump with me later. Nikko did some running/crashing after dinner, but by bedtime he was in good spirits. I hope he doesn't wake up in the middle of the night like he did last night. I heard Nikko crying/screaming at 2:45a and I was certain that he had woken up Audrey and Ronin. When I went into the room, Nikko was standing in the middle of it crying, but Ronin was still fast asleep. I ushered Nikko back into bed and stayed with him until he fell back asleep. I think I crawled back into bed before 3:15a, and was truly tired this morning. Tomorrow Nikko has school, so I better go to bed so I can wake up coherent.

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