Friday, October 23, 2009

Ronin's evals

Today was not supposed to be about Nikko; it was a double therapy day for Ronin. But Nikko and I were together for a lot of the day because I had to keep him away from the therapists. Luckily, Audrey went down for a nap during each session. It was during her waking hours that she was such a crab.

The OT arrived late due to rain and she lived in LaGrange. Ronin's eval went smoothly. He was apprehensive of her at first but soon became curious of her. He didn't like it when she handled him to move him from place to place, but Ronin showed his helpful side today and that made me happy. Result: normal-acting 2 yr old. DUH. Totally wasn't stimming as if he had a delay, and the transitioning is a behavioral problem, not a developmental one, and can be worked on. Nikko was curious about the OT's toys at first, and she let Nikko play with some blocks while I made sure Nikko wasn't being intrusive. But he kept coming back to my lap and was covering his ears the whole time. He even started putting his face in my face, to the point where he seemed to be trying to snuff me out while I was talking. I realized that maybe I was talking so much that he didn't want to hear ME talk anymore. Well, Nikko didn't have a choice except to lay in my lap and endure my voice. After the OT left we had lunch, and I put Ronin down for an earlier nap so it wouldn't conflict with his 3pm speech makeup session. Pete came over and I told him everything the OT told me, kindly. Nikko hadn't seen Pete for a few months so he was curious about Pete's toys. I had to distract Nikko, haul him away from them, and basically put Nikko in the kitchen with cookies, corn puffs, and finally watching the laptop with a Cars clip. Whereas the OT didn't mind if Nikko inspected her things, Pete was not as giving and took whatever Nikko tried to pick up. That was a signal to me that Pete preferred that Nikko leave the room. Grrr. Maybe Ronin would have said more phrases if he were interacting with Nikko; it's not like Pete was doing anything complicated to draw more words out of Ronin. Even after all the therapy today, Nikko didn't tire enough to take a nap. Therefore, he was sleepy at bedtime. He has school tomorrow and I think that will make him feel relieved. Nikko didn't seem to have a great appetite during his meals today or yesterday for that matter. At least not for chicken nuggets. He's eating grapes and peaches, however, so the fruit intake is great as long as I have some on hand. It's exhausting giving "complete" meals to three kids who have different dietary needs. :P

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