Friday, October 2, 2009

Target - Success!

Nikko's teacher wrote that they are using a request board at snack for the food item and water. They've been using a picture schedule with the entire class, but for Nikko specifically they use a ring of pictures of actions in the class like Stand Up and Sit Down. They said it will reinforce what he hears by him seeing the action. Mrs. Beyer said that when he boarded the bus to go home, Nikko started to get upset. She didn't know why, but it was enough that she gave him his burp cloth from the backpack and that helped. I still don't know what set him off, since it didn't have anything to do with school, presumably. He remained in a good mood for the rest of the day. After lunch it took me a while but I was determined to get the kids out of the house for a little while since everyone has been home bound because of sicknesses. Poor Ronin and Audrey haven't been outside of the house (except for Nikko's morning bus) since probably Saturday. My goal was to go to Target, but hoped that the kids would fall asleep for a nap in the Pilot. Thankfully, that's exactly what happened. I was able to go scope out a place called the Nibbles Cafe in Wheeling. It's in a corner of a strip mall and seemed to look like a nice place, but still haven't ventured in there since there's a "cover charge". I think it's akin to the Kohl Children's Museum but on a smaller scale. I do want to try it, though. I almost decided to go home because it was raining steadily during our outing, but thought the better of it. We got to Target and I used the double stroller. I made Ronin do most of the walking this time, and totally avoided the toy section. We got some bleach, diaper genie refills, sweatpants for Nikko, and hats for all the kids for the chilly weather. I had to use Oreos to placate the boys, and it was snack time anyway. So we made it out of the store in one piece, a little complaining from Ronin for more cookies, but overall it was successful. Audrey was an ANGEL. Nikko was also good, as long as he had a cookie to munch around its perimeter. My view was whatever it took to keep the peace, I did it. Too bad I didn't have lollipops. We got home, dinnertime rolled around, and then it was bedtime.

Nikko is getting better at signing for things, but I still have to prompt him. What was great about today was that at lunch I baked him a frozen pizza that Denis got, with cheese and pesto. I looked warily at the label because Nikko doesn't eat things when he can see the green. But I gave it a shot and perhaps he was really hungry because the pizza was a hit with Nikko. When he finished the first slice I signed More Pizza repeatedly, making a zigzag and exaggerating a Z sound. He attempted the zigzag and made a sound that sounded like ZUH. It was encouraging, although fleeting, but I went with it. Building on his enthusiasm was so key for me. That's also how I got him to copy me signing Butter, because he wanted bread and butter very much. I'm working on signing Napkin, Wipe and Hands, including a verbal prompt, because Nikko wipes his hands on the front of his shirt all the time instead of on a napkin. I wonder if I'll be able to succeed on this. Working on it! I don't think I realized it truly until today that Nikko and I are having a significant communication relationship. He's always tried to do this, via pulling my arm or finger off while dragging me to the kitchen for something, and he still does this. But along with putting in signs, and some verbal prompting, I feel like we're trying to interact here. I guess it's going along with him maturing. I hope to bring up anything I could possibly be wondering during our visit with Dr. Mary Keen at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital in Wheaton tomorrow. We're forgoing preschool to keep our appointment. I'm nervous for Nikko, and for myself in that we actually find the place, get to the office on time, and not get lost. I also hope this doctor can give me more guidance with Nikko. I hope. I hope.

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