Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pre-toilet training reading

Nikko went on a field trip to The Grove in Glenview. It's a park that has a nature center, and during the fall they have a pumpkin patch. Nikko wasn't supposed to bring a backpack and was to dress to the weather. It was going to be wet and cold. I did the best I could, but Nikko didn't want to let go of his burp cloth. I knew it was going to get dirty out there because he tends to drag it while walking. OH WELL. When he came back, he had a pumpkin "picked" from the patch. Alicia, Atz's youngest, was here in the morning because Atz had an appointment with an acupuncturist. It wasn't hard to have her here, and Ronin got to see someone different around the house. I had to put Audrey in the crib while I went outside with Ronin to pick up Nikko, and when I came back in Audrey was screaming at the top of her lungs. Not sure if she was upset that she saw only Allie or that Audrey was left in the crib and not roaming. It took a while to calm the girl down. I was supposed to rendezvous with Anna and Jovy and Max for another McD's playdate, but naptimes were variable for Jovy and we didn't end up meeting. I still took the kids out and they fell asleep in the Pilot for a short time. Then I took everyone to Costco and tried to make it a quick trip. The boys were relatively good, but I felt bad for Audrey because she had been in the car seat for a few hours and was getting very antsy. When we finally got home and unloaded, I snacked everyone and then unwinded with the kids in front of Hi-5. It's been a few months since we've watched a few episodes and Audrey seemed enchanted by the music, the friendly faces and the colors. Ronin and Nikko watched with interest as well, and I'm glad that everyone was favorable to them. The evening went by with a slightly later bedtime, but we'll have to wake up on the early side tomorrow because we're going to go to Hinsdale church.

Last night, I finished reading the toilet training book that Boon's mom gave me. It was insightful and was written by the same woman who wrote the behavioral strategies book that I'm also currently reading. It had lots of short case examples, which was nice to read so I could get an idea of how other people handled situations. The prevalent method in this book was the use of a picture schedule. That's going to help Nikko along with the steps necessary to eat, drink, then go to the bathroom and do his business. Another thing I got out of the book is that I should talk to the preschool about what system they are using with Nikko, pictures and whatnot, and streamline the process so that we are doing the same things at home. That's ideal, because in the video they took of Nikko he was being taught to sit on the toilet, whereas before bathtime we are having him stand up. Talk about confusing, eh? I'll have to chat with the teachers to see which is the better method for Nikko, then stick to it. Nikko didn't seem to fit the cues of someone who is toilet ready; he doesn't seem to notice or care when he is wet or having a bowel movement (unless he is constipated). He doesn't show an awareness of other people going to the bathroom or anything in the bathroom related to doing a #1 or #2. And he doesn't communicate if/when he needs to go potty. Still, we are trying to show him how to use it, to make a connection, and maybe a picture schedule will help with the routine-ness of it all. I am looking forward to getting together with the teachers to learn their picture schedule for Nikko, because I want to empower him at home with a sense of purpose instead of just floating around here. It will help me to interact with him, too. I'm dreading the messes that are bound to happen with potty training, but I guess I'll arm myself with Windex and paper towels and just be ready. *sigh*

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