Thursday, October 15, 2009


This morning the phone rang at 10:30a. I saw it was the school and worried that Nikko was sick and that I'd have to pick him up. It was Kathy Winters, telling me that Nikko was fine, and has he said any words at home yet? Nope. She told me that in speech today he said "GO!" and that he said it other times in the morning, and waiting in line for the bus to go home. She was so excited! I was happy to hear this, but slightly skeptical because I wondered if he really said that or just a derivitive of Go, or in a nonpurposeful way. Kathy told me that video was being emailed later. So, when Nikko came home from school I praised him on his accomplishment. After lunch, we started running in the kitchen. I'd say GO, then we'd run to the door. I'd say STOP. Then Nikko would say GO and we'd run to his chair. I'd say STOP. Then Nikko would say GO and we'd run to the door. When I said STOP again, he actually tried to sign the word STOP before saying GO. So every time we stopped, I'd sign it as well as say it. We had a grand old time. When the video came, I sat to watch it. Nikko was working with Kathy Winters in the speech room, holding a school bus. She'd say, "Ready, Set..." and wait for him to say "GO!". She prompted him at first, but ever after that he said GO on cue! Then she'd roll the bus toward the door. He'd get it, inspect it, and bring it back. Kathy would make Nikko choose either the bus or the bubbles on a picture board, and he chose the bus each time. She signed BUS, which is what I was hoping for, and it looks like two hands with palms facing out, alternately going up and down as if you're wiping a spot with an up and down motion instead of in circles. I saw that Nikko signed it back to her, but his palms were facing inward. Later she switched to a scooter board and Nikko said GO on his own. Finally, they did some racing down the hallways, just like how I did it at lunch, except they'd use Ready, Set, GO! It was exhilarating to watch, and I laughed at Nikko's expressions and attempts to form the word GO on his lips. His word GO had purpose, it wasn't just an echo, and it really made a communication step forward. There were plenty of high fives to be had today. :)

I had to take everyone to Target because I had to get Ronin his most recent prescription of Flovent, up from 44mcgs to 110mcgs. Hope it helps. Nikko was falling asleep on the way there, but I had to wake him up because I thought he'd be the one walking. The boys were relatively good in the store, but I had to placate them with Oreos. They did, however, stay in the double-attached shopping cart, although Ronin was on the verge of wriggling out of his seat. There was no way I could let one kid out, because the other one would soon follow. Ronin fell asleep on the way home, so Nikko and I shared some fries. I was unsuccessful in getting Nikko to take a nap, so by bedtime he was really tired. Tomorrow is another school day, and I'm going to try to cut the boys' hair. You can tell they really need haircuts. I'm also going to have to go to Costco because we are falling behind on rice milk and Nikko's diapers. I had a playdate originally scheduled with Jovy, but since Costco won't happen until probably after 2pm, even 3pm, I don't think the boys will be able to play nicely or even behave at Jovy's house. They'll want to unwind and stretch their legs at home, and then it'll already be close to dinner by the time we get back. I'm learning my limits with them, despite some efforts to push the envelope. Well, can't get away from the fact that it was a great achievement day for Team Nikko. Hooray!


  1. That's wonderful! Go Nikko!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Jen! :)