Thursday, November 26, 2009


3:50p - CHIP and CORN are the two sounds Nikko is making when prompted. "Chp" = Chip, "Kohn" = Corn. It's interesting, really. I think he knows that Chip is really a chip. I'm almost scared to announce to the world that Nikko said two almost-words (aside from GO), like I mike jinx it. It's snacktime here, and that sent everyone to the kitchen. Ronin had some Oreos and veggie stix, Audrey had animal cookies and veggie stix, and Nikko started out with pop-CORN (Pirate Booty corn puffs). He also had an Oreo, but when I prompted him to say Cookie he protested angrily and started crying and throwing himself on the floor. I think he knew I was trying to make him work and he didn't want to do it. I made him sign instead so he could earn his cookie. Later, I pulled out a bag of Gardetto's rye chips and he was curious. He came to me, signing but didn't know what to sign for. I made the sign for Chip (left palm facing up, right palm skating face down as if to chip off the left hand's fingertips), and also said "Chip". Then Nikko said, "Chp, chp!" So I gave him some.

Speaking of breakthroughs, I've given the boys cups that have straws attached to drink their juice at most meals. Breakfast milks still come in sippy cups. But this is to facilitate speech in Nikko, and for Ronin it's supposed to help tighten the seal his lips make so he'll drool less. But now that he's been drinking from straws more often, he picked up the harmonica and was blowing in and out of it very nicely. I was impressed! I also saw him pick up the pinwheel I got over the summer and he blew into it, making the wheel spin. Before the straw, he would try to blow and nothing happened, no motion whatsoever, just a lot of spit. I think the straw is doing wonders. I wonder if the straw is helping Nikko too, or if he's just progressing to the next level.

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