Friday, November 13, 2009

Playing downstairs

Not as toxic a day for Ronin as yesterday, so that set the stage for a good behavior day all around. Nikko came home from school with a binder in his backpack that had pictures and a family description of his peers and teachers. His is the last page and I forget that his last name starts with a "U" so he'll be at the end of the line. Not like growing up, where my last name started with "A", so I'd be up in front. Nikko was really hungry when he came home and he ate four nuggets, grapes and crackers before I unveiled that I made pizza for him. Two more slices followed. Lunch was early for all the kids (Audrey didn't nap at 11a) so by 1-ish I put Ronin and Audrey down. Nikko wanted to watch Cars so I put it in, with the hopes that he'd get tired and take a nap, too. I saw him yawn once. But he didn't take the bait and stayed awake. After everyone woke up, I gave them snack and pondered where I could take them today. It was chilly outside, plus these kids were getting better from their temperatures earlier in the week. I wanted to go somewhere to see/interact with kids but not be outside for a long period of time. I wanted to go to Woodfield Mall but I didn't want them to pick up any germs from the play area and get sick all over again. Target was an option, but I didn't feel like chasing after them either. Finally I ditched leaving the house and announced that we would play downstairs. I hauled down the vacuum to suck up all the dead and alive spiders, webs, dust and carcasses in the corners. YUUUUCK! I also put a dust mop to the mats because they felt dusty. The kids enjoyed playing with brick blocks and other toys they don't see often, while sitting in front of the big screen to watch The Wiggles. Nikko still didn't get tired enough to sleep. He was glued to my elbow while I vacuumed and even while I tried to coax him to relax on the bean bag chairs. We came upstairs when Denis came home, and he left to go to a gun seminar. It was a bit after 6p so I decided it would be ok to serve dinner. Nikko had four pieces of pizza; he liked it so much! It was a four-cheese DiGiorno pizza that Denis bought. Good choice. I put on Nemo after dinner and that kept Nikko from falling asleep before it was time to take a bath. He was carrying around the plastic Nemo toy that Atz gave him. Nikko really enjoys that movie. I put the three kids to bed tonight, and will do it again tomorrow and the night after. I was getting tired during the boys' bathtime, and slightly irritable because I had been with them all day, but I kept my voice down and didn't yell. Day two of being patient with my kids.

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  1. It's day by day, sometimes minute by minute. And sometimes that's all we can ask for, as difficult as that may be. Sounds like it was a good day.

    I tagged you at my place ( for Monday. ;) Come play.