Monday, November 16, 2009

Not feeling hot

2:48p - Audrey's sitting in the high chair with a lunch of turkey deli meat, mac cheese and cocoa krispies on her tray, which she's mashing with her bottle of milk. As I was mopping up her face I said, "Ready, set..." and Audrey said, "Go," in the prettiest little voice. I paused, not sure she meant it, so I said it again and she repeated, "Go." It broke my heart because she said it so effortlessly and on cue, whereas it took Nikko until he was 3 years old to echo "Go." He doesn't do it all the time when cued, either. He will do it when I'm frustrated at some thrashing behavior he's doing, or wriggling out of a diaper change; I'll tell him to stop, and he'll say, "GO." Not appropriate to the situation, of course. He needs lots of speech therapy, that one.

11:12p - I was getting irritable as the evening dragged on, and Nikko was getting tired but it was too late for him to nap after dinner. I took him in my lap to read some books, and when it was about time to give Audrey a bath Nikko just wanted to lay in my lap and sleep. He felt slightly warm all day but nothing close to a temperature that required meds. When I put Audrey to bed, Nikko was in the room and tried to curl up on the ottoman, but I ushered him out. As I did that, he suddenly heaved and threw up on the floor in the hallway. Luckily we were headed to the bathroom so I stripped him down and Denis took him straight to the tub while I cleaned up the icky, smelly mess. Nikko was whining the entire bath and when Denis was dressing him up, Nikko looked over at me as if he were trying to hold down any more vomit in his throat. He looked sad and uncomfortable, so I immediately softened and tried to reassure him that he'd soon sleep. In fact, after stories he didn't hesitate bedside for his burp cloth; instead, he slid right onto his pillow and looked up gratefully when I handed him his cool burp cloth. Poor thing. I checked on him later and he doesn't have a fever at all, so I wonder if he just had a little upset stomach or buggy feeling. I hope he doesn't throw up tomorrow morning so he can go to school. If he goes, I hope he doesn't throw up at school! I think I am just a bit weary from having this tiring cold. But I plan to get back on track tomorrow and keep my wits about me. The kids don't need their mom yelling at them all the time.

I think Nikko likes watching Nemo because he likes water as well as the fish. He's always had a liking for water. I harbored the idea of getting a fish tank for a while, and dreaded the cleanup. But today I saw a picture of a boat in the ocean on the front page of the Chicago Tribune and noticed that Nikko took a liking to this picture on the table. He would put it near the edge of the table and peer at it, as if he were studying the waves. I suppose it turned into another stim object. I wonder if he'll stim off the fish if we get a fish tank. I'm in no rush just yet.

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