Monday, November 9, 2009

Old, New, Red, Blue

A quick post...
During bedtime stories, Nikko sat in Denis' lap while Ronin crouched between us, reading a Disney Cars book called "Old, New, Red, Blue." Ronin has memorized the content of each page and reads it back to us in a very cute, squeaky voice. He was naming all the characters on a page while pointing to them. Suddenly I wondered, if Nikko could talk, would he sound like Ronin in a cute, squeaky voice? Then I wondered, what would Nikko's personality be like, if he didn't have autism? Would he be as friendly, funny and goofy as Ronin? Would Nikko be totally absorbed in Cars, pointing them out and naming them, playing with them and reciting the movie lines along with his toys? I got sad, sitting there, thinking about what Nikko would be like if he were normal, and I almost cried. Had to shake it off when we got to the page where Lightning McQueen is surrounded by tractors and Nikko starts covering his ears. But it's a nagging thought, and I feel like Nikko got robbed of his own self. :(

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