Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday playdate

Can't stay on long tonight, am feeling my cold getting slightly worse, need more sleep than I got last night... My fault, really, because after the playdate I had with the Owsleys, my girlfriend Rachel suckered me into hanging out with her after the kids went to bed. She's a nurse and works nights. We went to Chinatown and ate at Seven Treasures, then came back and walked through the 24-hour Meijer in Rolling Meadows. I got home after 3am. That was not my best judgement, but I did have a nice time having adult conversation about things other than the kids, even though they were a big part of it. Having adult company and being around different people can be refreshing, I have discovered, even though that's really a DUH concept. :P

Back to the playdate... It was originally just my 3 kids and Rhonda/Dave's 3 kids, but Rachel and Tony and their two kids showed up and it became a mini-party. It was fun! Audrey was ultra-clingy, but Ronin and Nikko were ok with exploring the living room, watching a train DVD as well as part of the movie UP. Nikko even tussled around with the boys a bit, but Aidan (the 4 yr old) got a little tough with Nikko, taking back a wheeled toy, and Nikko fell flat to the floor, covered his head with an arm, and cried softly. :( When Ronin beats up on Nikko, Nikko does this defensive move as well. I wonder if he does it at school and hope he does NOT. When I went to Meijer later on, we walked up and down each toy aisle. I usually have to do a speedy shopping job, but this time we strolled and I was very impressed with the toy section. In all honesty, their toy section ROCKS. It's better than Target's toy section. I made a list of things I could get the kids for xmas, and will definitely go back there when I have no kids in tow.

Today we stayed at home all day and didn't do anything exciting. Easy. I recently joined an autism forum that branched out from and am at the beginning stages of reading past posts. There's a TON of information on this site that I want to read, but with the kids pulling at my leg or climbing on my back it's really hard to sit still during the day to digest it. I am excited about catching up on all the info, however, because I've seen some posts about ABA that I would love to scour. Tomorrow Nikko doesn't have school, but I'll see how I am feeling. I may introduce a new activity so these kids don't die of boredom or we burn our eyes on the 20th viewing of Nemo. If I'm illin', we won't go out and I won't go to Costco, even though I have to get more Coke. I'm running out!

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