Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nemo, and no nap

Instead of Lightning McQueen accompanying Nikko to school, today he picked Nemo. I worried that the teachers would get annoyed with me for allowing Nikko to bring a toy to school, so I emailed them with a warning. Later, they replied that they didn't notice Nemo, or McQueen the other day for that matter. It's possible that he put the toy and his burp cloth in his backpack before he went into school. I think that whoever was unbuckling him probably put the toy in the backpack, but when he got back on the bus he pulled them both out. When I unbuckled Nikko from his seat today, Mrs. Beyer told me he was crying in the beginning of the trip. His seat harness was on really tight, so I wonder if it was too uncomfortable for him. He was also sitting closer to the aisle instead of at the window, so there's another wonder. Not that I'm trying to be a sleuth, but I definitely pay more attention to Nikko's surroundings because I am noticing that if things are too much out of place, he will get upset or will notice. He hasn't been as rigid about routines as other ASD kids I've read about, but that may be forthcoming. His progress report today said:
Speech - using pictures to request bubbles and bus - not as easy as crackers. :)

Denis was off today, Veteran's Day, and in the morning he took Ronin with him for errands. He got back before lunch and then said that his friend Patrick was inviting them to go to a park near Menard's. Audrey was still sporting a temperature so I didn't want to take her out today. Denis took the boys and they didn't put up any resistance with me not coming along. I think they had a good time because they came back in good moods and hungry. Ronin had worn sweatpants and I saw some burrs stuck to his leg. When I changed his pants, I was horrified to see that the burrs had scratched his knee and upper thigh with some angry welts. They must have hurt him when he was sitting in the car, and I wondered if he cried out. I felt so bad so I put some hydrocortizone on it. Poor guy. Nikko, who wore jeans, was unscathed. Ronin and Audrey went down for naps soon after, but Nikko just didn't want to take a nap. At dinnertime he actually ate the elbow macaroni with spaghetti sauce I made, which felt great. Ronin, on the other hand, didn't eat it. He was probably used to me using spaghetti noodles instead of the macaroni, which he's used to eating as mac cheese. SHEESH! These kids and mealtimes drive me up the wall. When it was time to give Audrey a bath, Nikko sprung up and accompanied me to the bathroom. He runs in and out, but seems to like being nearby during this process. Since he hadn't napped all day, Nikko was ready for sleep after prayers. Good thing. I think I have to email Linda H. because she still hasn't given me the phone number to the lady that I'm supposed to speak to about clinical trials. I'm supposed to go to Westbrook tomorrow night for a sensory project, just for an hour.

ONE QUICK AMMENDMENT: Margie just sent me a picture of Nikko at school this morning. She said that he went up to the "friends" at school who were on a teeter-totter and got on it himself. It's a picture of Nikko sitting in the front of three kids on a teeter-totter in the playground. How surprising! :D

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