Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nemo 3x's

The boys woke up around 7:45a today so our schedules were a tad off. Audrey slept in til 9a, probably because her stuffy nose kept waking her up so late into the night. It felt like I was constantly trying to give the boys 1st and 2nd breakfasts again, starting with cereal, then pancake for Nikko, oatmeal for both of them, then my sausage muffin to Nikko and Audrey. Once I set them free into the living room I had to change diapers after their morning expenditures. Normally around 10a I try to end up in the living room to chill out or nap if the night before was rough, but today I looked around and decided to make mac cheese for Nikko and Audrey, and a fish soup that she could possibly eat later (she didn't). My morning was rather productive, but I had to put Finding Nemo into the DVD player because Nikko brought it up to me and dragged me to the living room. Lunch suddenly came upon us and it went smoothly. Naptimes for Audrey and Ronin soon followed, and I had to play Nemo again for Nikko to keep him from getting bored. There was a point in the afternoon where I stopped trying to do dishes so I could interact with Nikko. I took out some flashcard dominoes and tried to peak his interest by lining them up, but he wanted to look outside. I tried to build with block with him but again, he just wanted to talk aloud and stay by the window. The kids woke up and it was snacktime for everyone. Poor Audrey's nose was like a waterfall, and it's probably red and sore from my vigorous wiping. She hates it. Ronin seems to have gone back to normal, no lethargy, but his cough still triggers potential throw-up scenarios (as evidenced later in the evening). Denis came home early, but told me he has to go to work really early tomorrow so it would be early bed for him. Nikko was getting really cranky later in the day, lacking a nap, so I had to put Nemo in a 3rd time, where he got comfortable on my legs and fell asleep for a nice hour nap.

I emailed back with Linda H. regarding the PECS stuff and she mentioned that I should pick out the top six food items from the list I submitted to the teachers so that we could start working on them, setting up a home visit to model the PECS process. That's the next step. It's also to see what foundation skills Nikko has, to see if he can correlate the picture with the item. That's something he was lacking over the summer, but the skill was emerging, and I think preschool is helping in that arena thanks to Kathy and Margie. Wow. Do these teachers have the time to come to my house after school is done for the day, just to help set me up with PECS pictures? If so, I'm really, really grateful. I have to look up this website to see what it's all about, it's the one Linda belongs to: www.nsseo.org (Northwest Suburban Special Education Organization).

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