Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sad School Day

Today's progress report:
OT - Did a 6 part obstacle with cueing - rolling, jumping, stepping up and down, balance bean, reaching to target. Did really well. Also worked on snipping straws and coloring fruit paper.
Speech - Nikko had a sad day. We have the play area set up as a store with real food (empty) boxes. Wanted crackers and pop tarts really badly! At speech we worked on sounds, body parts, greetings.

I can imagine what the scene must have been like when Nikko saw the empty cracker box. He probably brought it to a teacher and signed Cracker or More. When he didn't get anything, he probably threw a fit or a tantrum or raced up and down the aisles. I can only assume that it was ugly. This morning Ronin was awake when I came in around 7a and that surprised me because he went to bed all sickly and lethargic. He remained that way in the morning only, and I put him on the couch to watch Cars. Nikko also watched Cars this morning, and wouldn't let go of one of the McQueen cars. Unfortunately, he took it with him to school despite my trying to trade it for his burp cloth or just to take it away. I thought he might lose it at school, but luckily he came home with it in his hand. I wonder if he wouldn't surrender it at school either. Sad school day, indeed.

Nikko got cranky after lunch, around 2:40p, wanting something else to eat, wanting the McQueen that Ronin was holding, and then ultimately wanting his burp cloth. I was getting irritated at him, and then checked on him in the living room to see that he fell asleep. I always feed bad after getting irritated at him, because his crankiness usually precedes a nap. Not always, but sometimes. Nikko woke up two hours later and wasn't in a bad mood at all. That led to a decent dinner for him and a happy medium mood for the rest of the night.

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