Saturday, November 21, 2009


There was a form in Nikko's backpack for the PTA's movie night in two weeks. I had to decline and felt guilty, but also know that the kids would NEVER sit still for this. Not at this age, and even though it's in a gym, it would be too exciting. Maybe next year.

It was a Nemo/Cars kind of day because my head felt so cloudy. I have some pressure behind my ears, and at night my sore throat kicked in. Small temperature, so I'm eating soup. The kids and I are passing colds back and forth to each other, and I heard Audrey coughing up a storm earlier. This sucks! One noteworthy thing that Nikko did today was show Audrey some real attention. She was laying on the floor looking at the mini family picture album I assembled for Nikko. Nikko looked over her shoulder, as if to look at the pictures, but instead put his nose and chin on Audrey's head for a few long seconds as if to give her some kisses. She didn't flinch or push him away, and it was so cute! Another thing that happened was after dinner. Ronin and Nikko were running back and forth from the living room to the kitchen door and back again. I watched to see Ronin tag Nikko (or push him, really), then Nikko would run away from him, and Ronin would catch up to him and tag him again. Nikko didn't tag back, but he'd laugh when Ronin pushed him. The push wasn't as violent as the other kinds I've seen today, so I didn't interrupt and let them both have their giggly moments. :)

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