Saturday, August 8, 2009

Alog family dinner

I was busy during most of the day trying to clean and straighten things up before the evening. We were hosting family dinner for the Alog side to celebrate Nikko and Ronin's birthdays. If the weather was good, we'd play outside. If bad, we'd stay indoors. It was drizzling all day. I had to write a to do list to stay on course, including clearing Space Bags into Nikko's closet, cleaning the kitchen sink, wiping down the stove, and dusting the tv speaker stands in the living room. I didn't put cleaning up the bathroom on the list, but that was a necessity. I was able to accomplish things late at night, but also when one or all of the kids were napping. Even Nikko fell asleep this afternoon for almost an hour. When family members arrived around 5:30, the kids were excited and bopped around them. Nikko did some light crashing, but I think he also enjoyed having different people around him in the living room. He's been giving me some good eye contact lately, really putting his face into mine. For some reason, he wanted me to be in the living room nearby during all the chaos because he kept coming into the kitchen and pulling me into the living room. He pulled so hard that he actually hurt my shoulder in the socket.

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