Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hula hoops

Our day was pretty calm until we had to leave for the peds office. Nikko started doing some crashing; he would run from the couch, stomping his feet hard, straight to Ronin's high chair in the kitchen. He'd turn around, poise himself in the doorway, then run stomping back and dive into the couch. Totally got sweaty this way. He was doing this after dinner as well. Perhaps it's a result of not getting any time outside to run around. He also didn't have a good appetite for lunch. Maybe the 3 sippy cups of chocolate milk filled him up way too much? His visit to the ped was good. I whipped out the DVD player and put in Cars so both boys would watch. Nikko was still getting restless so I gave him a lollipop and that immediately calmed him down. Ronin wanted one, too, but I wouldn't give him one until after his hepatitis A shot. Nikko is 38" tall, and weighs 38 pounds. 50th percentile in height, but 95th percentile in weight. Yep, not like I didn't already know he was a heavy kid!

Before bath time, Denis got the boys running around downstairs. One thing he's been doing for two days is taking two hula hoops and holding them vertically so the boys will walk/hop/run through them. Today he started holding them in variable positions: further apart, slightly unaligned, and then a few inches above the ground. "This has got to be good for his motor planning, eh?" he asked me, and I couldn't agree more. It's probably quite excellent for his motor planning skills, since Nikko has to think about how to walk through the hoops, then make adjustments so he's balanced, especially if they are off the ground. It's a brilliant idea, also on the pinnacle of an obstacle course.

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