Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Preparing for the practice bus run

In about seven hours is the practice bus run for Nikko's preschool. I'm allowed to go with him. We'll ride the bus, get off, have a quick speech, get back on and go home. Should take about an hour tops. Then we'll have our session with Bo at 10:30. She couldn't make it today so it was moved to tomorrow. I told Chinny not to come because I'll try to handle Ronin on the side with the DVD player. I'll also try to put Audrey down for a nap either before Bo comes or at least 15 minutes into the session.

Nikko didn't seem very all right from the getgo today. He was whining while I dressed Ronin, as if Nikko was trying to go to the bathroom. He also didn't seem to walk well, as if he were hurting in the groin because he tiptoed when he walked. I couldn't see any problems in his diaper so early in the morning. Around 11am after I put down Audrey I decided to take the boys outside to run around a bit. Ronin was excited and ruled the tricycle, but Nikko didn't seem to want to run around much. He also rode the tricycle and I had to wrestle it away from Ronin because Nikko rides it so infrequently lately. I wrote on the driveway with sidewalk chalk and the boys liked sitting in the middle of the runway I drew. It also made them extremely dirty. It was lunchtime next. Ronin fell asleep in the high chair, Nikko ate some mac cheese and a nugget, and then Audrey joined us with a bottle. Because Ronin napped, I was able to get us ready to go to Costco and we got out of the house around 3pm. The trip went quickly, except for Ronin whining for some cookies. Luckily I had some on hand and was able to ration it between them. When we got home I took another opportunity to let the boys play outside for a little bit. It was mild but humid outside so we didn't last long before I hauled everyone inside to wash hands. I'm trying to get us on a schedule that's geared toward preschool, so I didn't want the kids to snack a whole lot before a 6:30p dinner. They were getting cranky around 6:20 but I was able to stretch it until Ronin started going ballistic when he saw some fried rice and hot dog. Nikko didn't eat that, but stuck to the mac cheese and ate two nuggets. Audrey didn't like the jarred food I offered her, but somehow was able to inhale all the fried rice I fed her. Fancy that. I didn't know if I was going to be able to keep Nikko awake until at least 8:30 for his bath. Around 7:45 I noticed he was sitting on the couch starting to lag, so I started giving the kids tickles and that woke him up. Denis came home from Muay Thai class and was with the boys while I got Audrey ready for bed. I announced it was time to give her kisses good night and hugs. I knelt down and told Nikko, "Nikko, kiss Audrey good night!" In the past he would lean in toward me when he heard that phrase, but I specifically told him to kiss Audrey and he looked right at her and kissed her cheek. AW! I made him do it again for good measure, and a hug was a lean-in. Nikko was really tired during the storytime, nodded off and was fighting sleep. I'll set my alarm for 6:55a tomorrow, go change Nikko at 7a, get his milk ready and him seated for breakfast by 7:15 (banana and Cheerios), also tend to the other kids (Denis will be here in the morning to watch the babies while I go with Nikko, but I'm going to try to get everyone ready as usual to see how long it takes me), do a final diaper check or change around 7:45, then harness Nikko up around 8a and bring him outside to wait for the bus. *crossing my fingers that all goes well!*

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