Friday, August 28, 2009

In a slump

Earlier today, Nikko was running around in the living room again and tripped. He fell and hit his mouth on the floor again, this time on the hardwood. I saw that he had a small cut behind his upper lip, but not nearly as deep as the previous cut. It bled a little bit, but I wonder if that soured his appetite for the rest of the day because he didn't eat much at lunch or dinner. He ate a small piece of pizza at lunch, but had no seconds. Dinner was a total bust where he nibbled on one ear of his Mickey Mouse nugget and abandoned the rest. I hope he'll be better at eating tomorrow. His demeanor today was also very off, wasn't interested in interacting and sought me out just to sit in my lap. Ronin had speech therapy and it went all right. Ronin's still very much into Cars and he didn't want to be without McQueen. Pete was still able to get some words out of him. Audrey kept trying to crawl right in the middle of everything, and Nikko kept to himself. After therapy, Audrey went down for a nap and Ronin wanted to watch Roary the Race Car. Lunchtime crept around and Ronin fell asleep in the high chair. When that happens, he doesn't need a 2pm nap. That also means I should take the opportunity to take the kids somewhere. But it was a rainy day so playing outside was out for me. Also, Audrey is at the crawling stage so going to the ball pit wouldn't be fun for her. I wracked my brains trying to think of a place I could manage them by myself but I had no place to go (Kohl Children's Museum would have been a madhouse during a rainy day, and I would totally lose both boys in there - Nikko to the water room, and Ronin would be everywhere while Audrey suffered in the Bjorn trying to go play. Not fair for everyone. Unless someone on the staff wanted to babysit my kids! LOL! Since we really didn't need to go to Costco, I decided to take the kids to Target with the primary objective of getting a Cars toy for Nikko or Ronin, and snacking the kids in their cafeteria. I took the long way so that 2 out of the 3 could take a nap, which they did. I went to the Target on Higgins. But their cafeteria was so small, connected to a Starbucks so it was like a cafe. I should have went to the one on Rand, which was bigger. OH WELL, at least Nikko and Audrey got to nap. I snacked them in the cafe. I gave Nikko a cookie, which he seemed eager to have at first. But he started looking around and then abandoned the cookie. He got up and wandered to a girl at the next table who was eating Doritos and a dip. He paused to look up at her, and I whisked him back. I went to the counter to get him some munchies and I got a bag of Cheetos instead since he's had that before. But when I opened it and put it before him, he inspected it, nibbled a minute piece, then decided he didn't like Cheetos OR the cookie. This boy snarfed an entire bag of Cheetos while en route to the Dolphin Place on our Jacksonville Beach trip. Who was this kid next to me? I packed us up and off to the toy section we went, in the double stroller and I made Ronin walk a bit. He managed to look cute to other shoppers, toddling along with his sippy cup and awkward steps. When he saw the toys, the trucks, and then the Cars section, he got crazed. Ronin wanted everything. He especially wanted the 4-pack of Cars I got for us, with another McQueen, The King, Chick Hicks and a random race car. He was crazed about getting Chick Hicks. I wouldn't let him open the box until we got home and Ronin was pissed beyond belief. Nikko, on the other hand, was so quiet from Target to home, through dinner and then afterward when we all went with Denis to get the Civic. Even in the basement before we left, Nikko didn't run around. He crawled through a hoop or two, but ended up in my lap. I really hope he feels better tomorrow. Maybe going to Lola's house will energize him when he sees his cousins.

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