Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bus run!

I had Nikko harnessed and ready at 8am for the bus. We went out to the driveway; Denis, Audrey and Ronin joined us, happy to be outside so early in the morning. I adjusted the harness the night before so that I wouldn't have to spend time fiddling with it while trying to zip Nikko into it. He pulled at it a bit, but I patted his chest and tried to distract him. Eventually he ignored it and was running up and down the sidewalk like there was nothing on him. Down the block I saw the polish lady with her two twins waiting at the corner. A school bus came and picked them up. To my surprise, the bus pulled up to our house and opened its doors. I thought we were getting the short bus, but I recognized the driver from her web picture and we scurried on. There were about 10-15 kids on already with their parents and we grabbed a seat over the tire mid-back. Nikko was curious but also tense as he sat on my lap. I looked around and couldn't find any seat belts or loops to strap Nikko in, and so I wondered if we were on the wrong bus to begin with. I stayed quiet, figuring that my questions would get answered soon. Sure enough, I found out that our bus is one of three new ones in the fleet and that the first few seats had five-point harnesses built in behind a velcro flap, so the harness we currently had was not necessary. That's great news because it is so bulky! I would try those seats on the way home. Our bus came around 8:15 or so, but I'll keep going out around 8-ish just until I can learn her timing. It will take some time to strap Nikko in, which I'll have to do every time he boards the bus, but hopefully it will be a quick buckle-in and good bye. I think he will absolutely freak out on the first day of school, so I hope the teacher aides that will receive him will be kind to him (I'm sure they will!). We got to the school and joined everyone on the grassy front where the principal, Vince the Transportation Manager, and a host of other people were giving speeches. I learned most of the info I need from our bus driver, Mrs. Monica Beyer. We were greeted by the OT lady, as well as Mrs. McCarthy, who remembered Nikko's name. I learned that if Nikko were sick or couldn't go to preschool one day, I should call the school to let them know, and then post a red square (supplied by them) in the window so the driver knows to pass our house by. We boarded the bus again and I ushered Nikko to one of the seats closer to the front. I pulled down a square and saw the harness. I put Nikko up on that square and buckled him in. He started to moan and whine as I fiddled with the tightening tab, and then he started crying once I was finished. Since we weren't moving yet Mrs. Beyer told me I didn't have to put him in it today, so I unbuckled it and he scrambled into my lap. As we headed back, we started dropping off kids by the first one on the route. I slowly tried to push Nikko off my lap one leg at a time until he was finally seated on the actual seat but my arm was securely around his shoulders. Nikko peered out the window curiously and looked up at me once. We got home and bounded inside, happy to finish our bus run!

It was only a half hour until DT so not much happened except a diaper change. Bo arrived and Denis took Ronin downstairs to watch Cars. I put Audrey down for a nap. Nikko had our undivided attention. The first half of the session went ok. He worked with Mr. Potato Head and did some fish puzzle. But after the rainbow toy came out, Nikko started melting down until he was all-out struggling to get away from us. Bo was confused and I had to rationalize that perhaps he was anxious because he had no control over things all morning. I was holding his hand for most of the bus run, wouldn't let him run off, and he was experiencing the bus ride, saw so many kids and teachers, and could have been overwhelmed. Needless to say, the end of DT was not good. We said good bye to Bo. :(

I lunched the kids and by 2pm Ronin was ready for a nap. Nikko fell asleep on the couch at the same time. Audrey, however, was not due for a nap for at least another half-hour so I had to stay up with her. I didn't get a nap. I wanted to take the kids outside but the later half of the afternoon was filled with showers so we stayed inside. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain most of the day as well, and Mom's busy this week for her Saturday function, so I gotta figure out what we can do. The basement is an option, but it's not at full functional capacity. Maybe I'll try venturing out to a store, but that's a big goal.

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