Saturday, August 22, 2009

Laughing and laughing and laughing

I'll start with the end of the day. Nikko got to bed late (around 10p) and by 11:20p I could still hear him in his room, laughing. I think he trailed off after another ten minutes, but this was a very late night for him. He took a late nap today, between 5:30-6:30, so maybe that set him back. But I don't think so, because this evening we took the kids to Woodfield Mall so that Denis could check out a Bachrach suit while the kids (first ate, then) played in the Looney Tunes play area. The place was seriously crowded. There were kids of all different heights so I feared putting Audrey on the floor for long in case someone trampled her. Ronin held his own, climbing all over the characters, and Nikko mainly ran back and forth along a carpeted pathway. He climbed a little bit, but mostly weaved between parents and kids. No collisions for him today. Denis and I saw a little boy collide with another and got knocked to the ground. The boy sat crying while the other ran away. I think the boy got clipped by someone else running by. Then, a little skinny curly-haired girl ran by, stopped, cranked her arm back and whacked the boy on the head. I saw this and was shocked, wondered if the girl was a sister, wondered where the boy's mom was. Then the girl whacked the boy again! I was holding Audrey and told Denis that the poor boy was getting beat, and I shifted nervously because no mom was coming to his rescue. The girl wasn't finished. She flexed her arms, took a step back and drop-kicked the boy in the midsection. Denis and I both said, "Ooooo!" like when we watch UFC fighter get clocked with a money punch that brings him down. She stepped back to do it again and I started walking toward the boy to try and save him from the girl's punishment. She went ahead and kicked him again, and was reeling back to continue when the girl's mom finally ran to her just as I got to the scene. Mom made the girl apologize, asked the boy where his mom was and didn't get a clear answer, so she then hauled her daughter to the entrance to sit in a time-out. I stood nearby looking around for a mom missing a son, but there was none. The boy sat for a few seconds, recovered, then gingerly walked away and started climbing on something else. He would live. But when we were packing our kids into our stroller, I saw the boy standing near his mom and dad, with a sibling in a double stroller. I came up to her and said that her boy was crying earlier, and that a little girl was beating on him, so she might want to check over her boy. The mom thanked me, and I think she asked the boy in Polish if he was ok. The boy said something to her about his ribs, but otherwise was ok. Denis and I were just incredulous that such a beatdown happened right by us, and that the little girl was relentless! That was a long recount of a situation that didn't even involve Nikko, but I wanted to share it because it fascinated us at the time.

Before the mall, the day was kind of mundane. We watched Cars 1.5 times thanks to Ronin. During lunch, Nikko started some kind of uncontrollable laughing. If you didn't know about Nikko, you would have thought someone had told him a hilarious joke and he was happy about the punchline, dancing around and laughing on and on about it so hard that he started crashing into the walls. What a hilarious joke it must have been! But the un-funny thing about it is that there wasn't a joke, Nikko was laughing at nothing we knew about, and was literally throwing himself onto the ground and into the walls and into the couch and into chairs laughing. He seemed to be dancing around the kitchen in a drunken stupor and falling while cackling. It actually scared me a little bit to see him like this, and I stopped him a few times to eat a bite or just to hold him still because he looked ridiculous. He was also so wild that I worried he would fall on something that would injure him since he's been klutzy. Finally, I worried that (thanks to the lady from the ball pit yesterday, who I still have to contact) maybe his decrease in mac cheese and overall increase in eating chicken nuggets again affected him on a bio-level and he might be reacting to the breading or something in the chicken. I have no idea why he was laughing at nothing. Atz and I used to joke that maybe an angel on his shoulder told him a joke. I have no idea if I should be concerned about this, inquire on a board, or ignore it. If he truly injures himself, then it's a total red flag. Maybe that wreckless spinning just made him feel good and he kept laughing in spite of it? Maybe, but he has also laughed just while sitting on the sofa with no movement. Can't explain it. Another thing is that he kept asking for cookies from the cabinet. I refused him in the morning and right after lunch, but during snack time I initially diverted him with raisins, but eventually gave the boys two cookies each and cut them off from any more. The last thing for tonight is that something happened during our song time before prayers. We were singing Wheels on the Bus and doing the motions. When we got to the last verse where the Parents on the Bus Say I Love You, I was watching Nikko watching Denis. Denis was rubbing his eyes and wasn't doing the motions while singing. Nikko was watching him rub his eyes, then Nikko looked down at his hands with a little frown on his lips. When Denis finished singing, Nikko took his hands and signed More, then made the motion of widening his arms to form a heart, like what we do in the song. He did this twice. Denis was confused, but I could see that Nikko knew Denis didn't do the right motions to the song and wanted him to do it over again. I was impressed with Nikko's motions and praised him when the song was finished.

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