Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ronin's birthday

Ronin's 2nd birthday was today. He seemed happy, not as whiny as usual but that doesn't mean he didn't whine at all today. We spent the afternoon at Mom's house. Nikko must have eaten 4 or 5 egg rolls, which were rather tasty, so I didn't expect much of an appetite from him. Despite his full belly, he still had room for icing from the strawberry torte cake, and even for the chocolate frosting on the dairy/egg/peanut free cake I made for Ronin. The day was good, except for the part when Ronin, while playing with a coffee half&half container, squeezed it in his hands and it exploded, half of it onto his face. I heard mom and Atz groan about it, then immediately wet a napkin to wipe off his face. The splotching was already present after a few seconds, and as we hunted for some cortisone the splotches got redder and slightly rashed. We finally found some cortisone and I slathered it onto his chin, cheeks and forehead, but Ronin was already uncomfortable from the itchiness and he wasn't a happy camper until he got to sleep it off on the way home.

I started reading another book today titled Overcoming Autism; Finding the Answers, Strategies, and Hope That Can Transform A Child's Life. Yes, another autism book, but the reviews were good and from reading the introduction I'm looking forward to reading this further. It sounds like a situation I can relate to.

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