Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Woodfield Mall w/the Alogs

It took us a while, but we managed to get out the door with Jovy and Pat and headed to Woodfield Mall to play in their Loony Tunes play area. Since it took a while to get the troops (and myself) organized after lunch, the kids (except for Audrey) all fell asleep on the way to the Mall. They continued to sleep in their strollers for another hour or so while Pat and Audrey and I had pretzels in the courtyard. When they all woke up, we ventured to the play area. Ronin was busy climbing over things, but Nikko was preoccupied with running along the cartoon pathways on the floor. Unfortunately, he collided with Jovy, knocking her to the ground. She cried and didn't seem to like the play area anymore. I made Nikko apologize, but he continued to run instead of walk. Of course. He was too excited to be somewhere new and different. He would see me at times, just to mark where I was, and sometimes to escape me, but he really didn't explore the cartoon characters. The hustle and the bustle of everyone walking around him pleased him. We had to leave the area after maybe 30 or so minutes because Nikko was leaking and it was diaper changing time. We parted company after that. Overall, it was great having Jovy over at the house. She blended right in, played alongside the kids, and even Nikko tolerated her presence. When Jovy needed help with some things she approached Pat, but she pulled me over to the keyboard to help her turn it on.

When we arrived home, the boys didn't want to go inside right away. I put Audrey inside to finish her nap. Denis was already home and crashed out in bed because he was up until the wee hours of the night helping his coworker with an arrest and all the busywork that goes along with that. Nikko seems to like walking right up to the end of our driveway, designated by the paver bricks, and stop at the top of the driveway sloping down to the street. He has not ventured beyond the driveway into the street, however, so there's an invisible boundary he seems to keep. This is not to say that he won't ever step forward, so I still keep a watchful eye on him in case he gets the urge to go. We moved briefly to the backyard but had to come inside because Audrey woke up and was crying. After dinner we all had the opportunity to go outside one more time. Margaret, our neighbor, came over to us and gave us a baby swing that you can use on our swingset. Nikko tried sitting in it, but wouldn't let me strap him in with the safety belt. Later on, I put Audrey in the swing, belted her in, and pushed her. She enjoyed the swing and even found it calming. She made no attempts to get out of it and seemed to thoroughly enjoy going back and forth. The bugs were not that bad this evening. I did some tickle games with Nikko and started spinning him around like you would if you were dancing with a partner, taking a hand and looping his arm around his head like a wound-up top. Nikko enjoyed that, and didn't get dizzy afterward. Unlike myself. We had to eventually go inside because again, Nikko's diaper was full. Tomorrow we have 10:30 DT with Bo. Chinny should be coming over to watch Ronin. I wonder if I'll have her take him downstairs or outside. I hope she can stay longer to help me go to the grocery, because I really need to make a trip up to Whole Foods for stuff I don't have.

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