Monday, August 17, 2009

No Lego...yet...and back to Nikko

Circumstances worked strangely in my favor today. We were waiting for the Creens to come by around 11a to drop off Lego when I checked a missed call and it was Gail. I called her to hear that they wanted to keep Lego a while longer. I was shocked. Her reasoning was that Lego seemed to blend in nicely with their family thus far; she took Lego off his incontinence drugs and he immediately perked up and was social, looking for affection whereas before he slept all day and didn't want anything to do with anyone; Grizzly and Lego seemed to like each other's company; Riley was attached to Lego. It's definitely a load off my mind not to have Lego around while Audrey is crawling all over the place, but I really do hope that Gail and her family are ok with having another dog around the house. I trust that if Gail really couldn't handle having another dependent, she would tell me and we'd make the arrangements to get him back. Denis misses having Lego around, but also acknowledged that he is extra work for him right now. I told Gail we'd revisit the domestic situation again in a few months, perhaps after Audrey is walking. So we are dog-free for a while longer.

Back to Nikko. He has a physical exam at the peds tomorrow. Ronin is also scheduled for his two year appointment. I have to bring a form that allows OT services during school hours. I'm going to have to start pushing back our bedtimes to accommodate Nikko getting ready for the bus. I'll have to wake up a little before 7a to get Nikko dressed, at the table by 7:15a, give him breakfast and tend to Audrey who will probably be waking up, possibly Ronin too, then final diaper change if needed by 7:45a, and ready for bus pickup by 8am. We'll have to see how things go for the first two weeks of school to find out exactly what time the bus will come for Nikko at the door. I guess this is my routine for the next 21 years, huh? :O Nikko has been doing ok lately. More eye contact with me, more easygoingness with me in terms of following directions around the house. When I ask him to kiss me or Audrey, he leans in and purses his lips. Aw! He took the swiffer mop the other day and pretended to mop the floor. During lunch he's been taking a leftover paper towel on the table and wiping around his plate. Don't know if he sees mac cheese mess left over or if it's a few drops of juice, but he's wiping up something. During the day, I notice that Nikko has been opening up books and leaving them on the sofa. He'll return to a book, flip some pages, look at the pictures thoughtfully, then leave. Today I noticed that he sat at the table near the picture window and played with the Thomas trains and Cranky the Crane a little bit. But for the past few days he's been taking the plastic cutting knives from the play food and running around with them, prancing in front of the mirror with them, and just having them on hand. Sometimes he sits down in front of the plastic food bin and cuts a few veggies in half. He doesn't serve them on plates, but the cutting seems purposeful. I have a small tea pot and two teacups for a little tea party, but I should play tea party a bit more so he can use those cups. I just jotted down that I should get a Mr. Potato Head since he's familiar with the ones Bo uses. Speaking of Bo, Tuesday is the last day of Developmental Therapy we have with her. :(

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