Sunday, September 12, 2010

Birthday party @ Kohl's

Today was Jovy and Max's birthday party at the Kohl Children's Museum in Glenview. Ronin and Nikko were excited to go to the Car room, but Ronin got attached to a little fire engine and was not willing to share it. Nikko was whiny from the minute we stepped into the museum altogether. We had to walk past the Car Room to get to the party room way at the end of a hall and Nikko was pulling at me hard to go back to the Car room. The boys enjoyed racing cars along a race track while Audrey puttered around the room with no real destination in mind. Nikko and Audrey were interested in the walk-in car wash for its flashy lights, roaring motor sounds and whooshing air ducts. We headed back to the party room in time for the birthday cake blowing. Nikko was easy to please with a piece of cake or a cupcake as long as it had frosting on the top. He was also receptive to potato chips. After the guests dispersed we hung around just a little bit longer to push some buttons and turn some gears. I spotted and ran into a good friend of mine from college, Ginny. She was there with her husband and two boys and we chatted briefly but happily. She's the kind of person I wish I got to see more often, or lived nearby, or just plain old hung around with. We returned home and I tended to the kids for a short while before getting ready to hang out with my girlfriends for our GNO. The kids didn't make a big scene when I left, but I heard from Denis that they were pretty bratty with each other and did lots of crying.

My girlfriends and I went to The Capital Grille, a wine and steak place in Oak Brook. Wendie called it a five star restaurant with a five star price. Still, we had dinner there and followed it up with a chat at Barnes and Noble. When the girls dispersed for home, Dinah was willing to stay out longer and hang out with me. I suggested we go to a hotel bar/lounge so I motioned to The Marriott across the street. We discovered a cute lounge with blue sofas and mounted flat screen TVs on the wall. Dinah and I had some great conversation, and I also listened to her incredible survival story regarding her cervical cancer battle. We talked about her holistic doctor and how to save by using coupons. Yes, exciting topics. I'll elaborate more tomorrow, but for now I'm BEAT!

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