Thursday, September 9, 2010


Nikko's OT report - Obstacle Course, followed sequence well. Pounding tee's for strengthening. Then worked on cutting with regular scissors. At the end was able to open scissors & snip.

It looks like from his report, Nikko is going over shapes, and that's good because Jenna tells me that he is good at shapes during ABA. The kids are also learning about cleaning up. At home, we're trying to get the kids into a routine of cleaning up before bath time. It's just hard to enforce it when it gets really close to bath time. When the boys were off to school today and Audrey was napping, I started rummaging around the house for items to contribute to Tristan's garage sale sponsored by the Glenbrook South High School Marching Band. I ended up including a big rocking horse on springs (from the neighbors), a ride-on horse toy that I kept bumping into every time I rounded a corner, thus scraping the skin off my toes, two booster chairs, two baby walkers, a rubbermaid full of preschool toys, a bottle warmer, bottle dishrack, portable booster chair, and a water fountain feature. Despite all the things that I got packed into the back of the Pilot, it STILL didn't look like I made a dent in this house. I went to Atz's house after my pilates class. At home, the kids romped around with Denis but Ronin's tummy wasn't having a great night so he upchucked his dinner downstairs. He had an early night along with Audrey. Tomorrow there is no school, but Nikko will have ABA at 10a.

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