Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No, not swing...

Ronin, let's go pee pee in the potty.
No, I don't want to.
Why not, Ronin?
I'm scared.
What are you scared of?
I'm scared of the poo poo/I'm scared of the red bucket/I'm scared of the toilet.
I'll be with you the whole time. There's nothing to be scared of.
I don't want to pee pee.
C'mon, Ronin, it will take two seconds. Let's go pee pee in the potty.
I don't want to.
Ronin, I don't want to clean up the floor. If you pee pee in your underwear then I have to clean up the floor because you will leak. Let's go pee pee in the potty.
NO. I don't want to.

You see the pattern here? Ronin does not want to use the potty. I enticed him with stickers, and even resorted to offering him an Oreo. He refused. BUT... before getting ready for school today he trotted alongside me to the potty and he peed, proclaiming that now he gets a sticker AND an Oreo. I praised him heavily, sang the Pee Pee Song, and after washing up I dutifully gave him an Oreo. Five minutes later he was in the bathroom, naked from the waist down, trying to sit on the toilet so he could get another Oreo. But he couldn't make himself pee or poop! Well, no pee/poop, no Oreo. He was pissed.

Oh, and for the past two days, Nikko has been "obsessed" with his "thing thing." We sit him on the toilet while Ronin gets a bath. Sometimes I keep Nikko company, other times I try to get a jump start on the dishes. It's not an unfamiliar thing to him at all, but for the past two days he's really been studying himself down there, poking and pushing it at all different angles. Last night he stood in the tub while Denis bathed him and would arch his back. I almost expect to hear the word, "SCHWING!" like in the movie Wayne's World. I suppose I should be congratulating him on another stage of self-awareness, but even while I was changing his diaper a few times today Nikko was attempting a from-the-ground schwing. The topper was that in between kid baths, Nikko was running around with his hand down the front of his diaper. I'd turn to see him and shout, "Nikko! No hands in pants!" He'd retract and then run away. I know this is all probably quite normal behavior, but it's doubly hard to explain what is happening to him if he can't communicate back with questions, or even process what the heck we'e describing. I dutifully put this ball in Denis' court, for the meantime.

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