Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day weekend wrap-up

Saturday was chilly but it didn't stop us from packing up lunch and going to Graue Mill in Oak Brook for a little hike. There was a civil war demonstration taking place but we didn't stop to peruse the displays. The kids enjoyed looking at the river which ran parallel to our path. We left to go have a picnic at the Oak Brook Park District Park, which had a vast array of playground areas and soccer fields. We were there for three hours, finishing lunch and then taking a few kites out for a sail. The kids were able to amuse themselves by running around the fields, getting tangled in the soccer goal nets, and running back and forth along benches. The kids were conked out in the car on the way home. Our dinner plans were to celebrate Chinny and Denis' birthday at Fuddrucker's. The kids were happy to hang out with their cousins, although Nikko shadowed me every time I left the vicinity. He didn't have any anxious meltdowns, however. It was a fun time and I actually got to eat a little more dinner than I usually do when we go out.

Sunday was warmer but the excursions from yesterday left us slightly drained and not as energetic to leave the house in the morning. We were also anticipating the afternoon when Tristan would come over to mow the lawn, and then we would all go to the Penepacker's house so the kids could stay and play/eat while Denis and I went to a movie and dinner to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. I heard that Nikko cried for two minutes when we left, but when the Penepackers told him they were going to the park, he was suddenly agreeable. The kids all played in the sand and got baths afterward. When we returned from dinner, all three kids were in the basement watching Disney's Cars and in good moods. The only caveat was that Ronin and Audrey were scared of the dogs. Otherwise, it was a very successful night and I am so beholden to my sister and her family for their generous offer of time.

Monday was Labor Day and to cap off the good weather we took the kids to another off-the-beaten-path park that was next door to a Menard's. The playground apparatus seemed to be connected into one giant obstacle course which challenged the gross motor skills of all the kids. We also brought along a frisbee and played a little Monkey In The Middle with the kids.

Tuesday [today] school was on the agenda again. I had been dreading the putting on of socks and shoes because Nikko had refused to wear the new gym shoes I got for him. I had frantically searched online for an identical pair of orange-and-navy shoes from Target but they no longer carry it in his size. But for some reason before bathtime, Nikko let me put on his new shoes (the tongue had lights that flashed when you stepped hard on the ground) and he seemed pleased enough to go look at his shoes in a mirror in our dark bedroom. On Tuesday morning he was just a little confused when it was time to put on socks and shoes but again he allowed the new shoes to be worn and I was just plain old relieved. His size 11's were really getting worn out so a size 12 was in order. If only it were going to be this easy when it's time to get his winter boots on. Nikko was in a good mood during therapy with Kathy today but did have a few mood swings again. I expected a better performance because it was at 10a instead of 4:45p, like it will be tomorrow. Nikko has also been getting whiny with me for not giving him snacks that he requests. I literally have to show him the last bits of snack and then the empty box as a result in order for him to understand that there is no more.

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