Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where's that hole puncher?

I've been really stressed out lately, mainly over Ronin's potty training issues. Then there's Nikko's constipation issues. Getting the kids to the bus on time. Waiting to see if the bus company has figured out their routine for coming home (4:20-25, looks like. Except Fridays are supposed to be 4:30, she told me last week). Audrey's attitude. It came to a head today when I stood in Nikko's room looking for the handheld hole puncher and I couldn't find it. I searched a few drawers in my room and ended up staring at the bookcase in Nikko's room that was crammed with STUFF. I started pulling out construction paper, glue sticks and pens, and told myself that if I had put all the school supplies in one box then I would know where the hole puncher was. But I didn't. And I got overwhelmed. I think I got meaner and more impatient, bellowing at Audrey for getting in my way and not listening to anything I told her (ordered her) to do. Nikko had peaches for snack and kept asking me for more, beyond 5pm and I was getting distraught because dinner was supposed to be at 6pm. I refused him and tried to distract him but he was so damned relentless that I ripped open a snack pack of peaches and left it for him while I ran to his room to stare hopelessly at the bookcase again. I broke down, which hasn't happened in probably a month, and lamented on how I couldn't get things in order. I had a pity party for a few minutes, but pulled myself together and started putting school supplies in a box. I still haven't found that hole puncher.

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