Monday, September 27, 2010


After yesterday's festivities, it was a calm day for us. I found myself outside with the boys while Audrey was napping. Ronin was busy motoring around on the tricycle and the Tykes car, but for a while Nikko was simply standing alone, not doing anything but occasionally waving a hand in the air, or talking to himself. I had a push broom and was cleaning moss from between the brick pavers while I watched Nikko, then decided to give him a tricycle so he could stay moving. He didn't want to use the pedals but managed to stay sitting on it and slowly cruising along the driveway, never far from me. Our neighbor Brianna came along and Ronin perked up immediately. Soon we found us in their front yard and was joined by her mom, Rachel. Brianna was doing cartwheels and Ronin was trying to copy her but looked like he was doing body slams into the grass instead. The interesting part was that Nikko got up off the tricycle, laughing, and tried to copy her doing cartwheels too. He would start running, then put his hands on the ground and hop his legs over, ending up on his butt. We praised him for his efforts regardless and he was happy as a clam. We went into their backyard for a short time and all three kids enjoyed their long family swing. Nikko sat serenely because he could see himself in the reflection of their car. I think it was very kind-hearted of the neighbors to be so great to us. Rachel always thinks about our boys when she's cleaning out her house because her son Alex doesn't need toddler things anymore. Today we scored a Thomas electric train and another set, but I haven't let the boys see it yet.

One thing to point out is that this morning, after changing his diaper, Nikko said to me, "Watch Thomas?" I complied, and wondered if he would be able to expand his requesting for wants. He can say the word he wants, but rarely phrases it into a question unless I prompt him.

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