Saturday, September 4, 2010

Not *as* late / behavior watch

Today the bus was only fifteen minutes late arriving at our house. We boarded the bus and there were three adults total again: the driver, a lady in the front seat, and one flanking the back of the bus. She came up and ushered us to a seat on the right side of the bus (facing the back). Nikko instantly started to whine and refused to get in because he is used to sitting on the left side of the bus near the window. Thankfully the lady didn't object to me suggesting that the boys take a left side seat. I buckled Nikko next to the window while Ronin sat waiting for his turn and yelling in my ear, "Good bye, Daddy!" while waving frantically out the window. Once the boys were off, the rest of us went to Woodfield Mall to browse while Denis was getting the oil changed in the Pilot. I remarked to Denis that this was the first time we travelled alone with Audrey in the back, like having one kid all over again. Audrey was talkative until she fell asleep, then woke up completely when we got to Macy's. Overall, she was a good sport during our trip to the mall. Unfortunately, the car wasn't quite ready by 3:30 so I had to take a cab home in order to meet the boys when the bus dropped them off. The bus was fifteen minutes late, a 50% improvement from yesterday. When I got on the bus, Nikko was asleep but Ronin was awake. After we came inside I noticed that Ronin had scraped his right leg below the knee. It looked like he got a little mauled and unfortunately he couldn't quite tell me when it happened. "It happened in the driveway," was all I really got from him. I didn't know if it happened at school, but after considering the options and leaving an email for his teacher, I figured that he may have scraped his leg when stepping off the bus. There was no dirt or debris in the cuts, and the lines were parallel, similar to the grid of the bus steps. I felt really bad because he didn't cry out in pain, or if he did then I totally missed it. I put Neosporin on the cuts and will continue for a few days.

I'm keeping an eye on Nikko's behavior. He hasn't totally been under the kitchen table the last two days as he has in the last two weeks, but he's still pretty whiny. I wonder if he is this whiny at school when he can't communicate what he wants. He also hasn't had any emotional outbursts (that weren't provoked by Ronin pushing him, or me getting irritated at him in a mean tone of voice, sorry to say) so I wonder if going back to school is impacting his behavior. I can tell that school is impacting Ronin's behavior, however, because the past two nights after he came home he's been a mixture of happy and bossy and easily irritable. Tonight was a prime example of Ronin sounding tired and cranky, refusing to eat anything but grapes for dinner, refusing to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse instead of Blues Clues, refusing to let Nikko read his Roadwork book. I've heard that many kids need to decompress after coming home from school, or that at school they spend the time in a somewhat anxious state, expending energy to be obedient, sit still and learn, and then when they come home they will let all hell break loose. Well, that's what's happening with Ronin. We were watching Thomas after their snack and I thought that was pretty calming, but the attitude came around dinnertime. Tomorrow we will be going on an outing to a nature center at Ty Warner Park. We'll bring a picnic lunch again, but this time there will be jeans and sleeves on the kids because the temperatures will be in the high 60's. It's a drastic change from the 80's/90's of last week. Then we'll meet up with the rest of the Alog family to celebrate Chinny and Denis' birthdays.

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