Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Subtle observations

Speech notes from Nikko's school report: Good job answering what ?'s by pointing to pictures! Went to office to practice greetings. Worked on directions. Good on body parts!

I have to remember to go over shapes and colors and body parts with Nikko. I've heard that he can identify these things in ABA, too. Since we've gotten back from our trip, Nikko seems quieter to me. He's not singing a whole bunch of songs under his breath all the time. I still hear snippets, but not nearly as much. I don't necessarily think something is wrong, but something feels different. Over the past weekend I didn't bring any MiraLAX, nor did I put any Benefiber in his juice. Yesterday I noticed him straining a bit and I almost prepared myself to do an extraction, but was bewildered by the necessity because during the day his poop was peanut buttery, smearish. Before the end of the night he had a poop that was solid as opposed to smeary, the first in a long time. I think I had better dump more Benefiber in his juice because I fear another constipation battle is forthcoming.

Poor little Ronin today was coughing so much at school that the nurse called me and we ultimately decided that he should go home. His cough was barky, like an asthma cough according to Pam the nurse. I agreed with her, and later in the afternoon I gave him an albuterol treatment. His breathing isn't labored or wheezy, but I think it will turn into exactly that, unfortunately. I hope the coughing gets better before school tomorrow. Pam noted that it's possible the weather change could have aggravated his allergies/asthma, and I am inclined to agree with her. We've had cool weather for most of the week and all weekend, but today it was in the upper 80's and terribly humid. Ronin was ok all weekend, even up until he went to school there was no evidence of a cough. I don't know what provoked it at school. He's fine now.

I shouldn't even be awake anymore tonight. We watched the season premiere of Glee, and then watched Boardwalk Empire, a new series with Steve Buscemi. Whenever I elect to watch a TV program that will eat away an hour of my life, it becomes the risk I have to take in order to be in tuned with what's on TV. I'm going to write in the other blog about Ronin's potty training.

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