Thursday, September 30, 2010

A simple, good day

Nikko's School Report:
Bathroom - Nikko was dry and he went potty. (This surprises me because he had peaches after breakfast, again, thanks to Audrey's yapping. That usually garners a lot of pee.)
Speech - vocabulary, teacher names. He was requesting picture magnets to put in book. "I want the ______." A few times he added the color - red hat!
OT - Body awareness activities - then put body floor puzzle together.1st time needed lots of help, 2nd time did it independently. Also worked on cutting. Was able to cut sort lines independently.

I gave the boys haircuts today before lunch. I put them in front of the laptop in the kitchen and replayed Monster Truck Mater on After tat, the one yellow and one green monster trucks in the house became hot commodities. Nikko had therapy after school, and Jenna said he did very well throughout the entire session. I honestly didn't hear any whining coming from the basement either. Finally, after dinner and before the boys' bath times, I had given Audrey a bath before Denis came home and then I had to go to my first Zumba class. Nikko didn't freak out or whine. He let me kiss him good night and good bye, watched me leave from the window, but there were no tears according to Denis. Maybe he was too tired by day's end, but I was grateful.

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