Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weekend consequences

I love getting written notes on Nikko's school reports.
Speech - Where ?'s, greetings in the office, requesting.
OT - Body awareness and deep pressure inputs. At table - worked on drawing closed O's & T's [crosses]. Making progress on this.

********TMI ALERT*********
Did I call it yesterday or what? After the kids came home from school, I noticed that Nikko was indeed straining. Even though I had stopped the MiraLAX for about 3 days, I was still giving him Benefiber at each meal. But over the weekend he had none of the above, plus his diet was worse than usual, eating M&Ms out of a snack mix for most of the night Saturday into Sunday morning. I got my gear together and decided to help Nikko have his poo. He was upset, of course, and with a suppository he expelled two blockages, the 2nd one bigger than the other. I examined the poop before wrapping it up and noted that it was kind of pliable, like clay that has been sitting on the counter for a few hours and no longer soft out of the can. It shouldn't have been too difficult to pass these, but I have no idea how to assess the strength of his muscles to do the deed. I have already started up with his Benefiber again and may season it with MiraLAX if he doesn't have a movement some time tomorrow.

Nikko's team meeting is set for Monday morning the 27th at 8:00am. I hope all the kids will be agreeable that early in the morning and not try to show off too much. We'll meet upstairs in the living room if it's not too chaotic.

Oh, and Nikko was ravenous today for some strange reason. He was asking for pizza by 9:30a and so I made him a cheese pizza from Tony's (no rising crust this time) and he devoured half of it in an hour. Kind of unusual for him to eat so much pizza. He picks OFF the cheese from the top, too. Bizarre.

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