Friday, September 10, 2010

iFuture, more moodiness

I have noticed that a lot of moms with ASD kids have iPhones or DS Lites (or an iPad) and they let their kid use it to watch Youtube videos or play games or even use educational-based apps, to keep them occupied when things are crazy around them or as a reward for being good. Nikko's not at that stage yet, but I wonder if this is a direction that we will have to take in his future. Or is it a technology gimmick that will prevent Nikko from actually behaving in public of his own recognizance? Or is it a necessary tool because Nikko just can't seem to be able to calm down his anxieties or keep from obsessively wanting lollipops when we're at the store?

From the get go this morning Nikko was in full whiny mode and I don't know why. He was whining for a cheese sandwich for breakfast and just. Did. Not. Stop. He continued to whine throughout the morning. I heard him whine and cry with Kathy during ABA. We discussed his behavior and I wondered if he was slightly constipated. Yesterday he had some pb (pb = peanut butter)smears but nothing huge. For the past three days I have lessened the MiraLAX to just a coating at the bottom of a cap. A few times today I came into the living room and thought Nikko may have been straining. I'd also smell poop, but when I checked on Nikko there was nothing. I wondered if he was feeling uncomfortable again and was the poop starting to back up. I increased the MiraLAX in his lunch juice after talking to Kathy and it may have helped him push out some poop later in the afternoon. Am I doomed, then, to this smeary pb poop until he matures a little more in age? Dr. Santiago didn't seem to mind that we were using MiraLAX and even encouraged it over using a suppository. I wonder if Nikko's whininess is correlated to getting constipated again. I hate this vicious circle.

Audrey napped in the afternoon and when she woke up, I snacked everyone and got us ready to run errands. My plan was to go to Costco and Target. We arrived at Costco and everyone seemed to start out on the right foot. Suddenly, Audrey said, "Lollipop?" I told her I didn't have anymore, sorry. She continued to ask for a lollipop and I kept refusing her lightly. Then Nikko entered whine mode and was tugging at my purse. He was also pushing the cart astray. Meanwhile, Audrey was getting angrier that I wasn't giving her anything so her cries for lollipop got louder and LOUDER. Coupled with Nikko's screechy whining, I think we were making a lot of noise and I wanted the ground to open and swallow me up. Audrey's screams for a lollipop were not lessening despite me giving her the evil eye and hissing for her to be quiet. I managed to get us through the self-checkout line but saw that Nikko was walking on the side of the cart that faced the cafeteria. He was going to want to eat there, no matter how quickly I was pushing the cart away. Nikko started whining loudly again as we flew past the cafeteria seating. I got to the guy who checks our receipts on the way out and Nikko was violently pushing the cart sideways in anger. We walked outside and Nikko started to give some strong, blood-curdling screams. Thankfully he kept walking besides the cart and didn't bolt back toward the store. I put him in his seat first, dried his eyes and tried to give him a little compassion. Audrey stopped screaming for lollipops when she looked up at the TV screen and saw Hi-5. Throughout this whole ordeal, Ronin was my well-behaved angel. Once in the Pilot he started saying that we were going to Target. I told Ronin no, I don't think we're going to Target because I can't handle Nikko and Audrey's screaming anymore. It would be too much. We were going home. Ronin was starting to get whiny, not wanting to go home, when I suggested that we go for a walk to look for trains instead. That idea helped. After unloading the groceries, we walked to our train spot and started - well, trainspotting. Later, dinner was uncomplicated and it was bath and bedtime.

Tomorrow I have a dental appointment at 8:30a, but it won't be until the boys are at school that I attempt to return to Target. I also have to go to the bank to straighten out a dormant checking account, then register for the Passport To Fitness pass at the Rec Plexx, and THEN go to Target.

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