Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I feel compelled to write about pain tonight.

I am in physical pain right now because I went to a Zumba (Latin dance) class tonight, one of the first times I've had proper exercise in the last four years. I've done some circuit machines and running, very little actually, plus the pilates class last month, but today was a full body workout and my lower back is paying the price. I was three minutes into the class, doing the warm-up dances, and my muscles were on fire. I wondered how I would last the next 45 minutes doing such intense movements. I prevailed, however, once I got over my threshold for pain. I felt clumsy and was learning the steps by watching the girl in front of me, who was 10 years and 30 pounds lighter than me. I will do better next week, but I wish I didn't have such a barrel-like form. Thanks, kids. :P

In the news, a woman stood up and testified against two other women who hired three teenagers to throw sulfuric acid at her, beat her with a bat and steal her purse as a ruse. There are pictures of the woman, scarred on her arms, chest, and her entire face from two months of skin grafts. That woman went through a medicine-induced coma because the skin grafts were going to be so painful. I cannot imagine what it would feel like to have acid burning on my skin, not being able to get it off, wanting to protect my face and feel it being melted off. The two conspirators were convicted today, don't know for how long, but probably not long enough. It was over jealousy.

And on my ASD online forum, I read the thread about a very well-liked and respected mom whose child had a a rough academic and social year last year. He ultimately went on meds for his angry, aggressive behavior, and then the mom discovered that his teacher had literally blacklisted him among the class without his knowledge. She was a two-faced teacher who seemed to contribute to the child's difficult school year, and had the audacity to tell other children not to play with the child because "he was not nice." She also inked out his name on the class list that went home to all families, without the knowledge of the mom, thereby excluding him from interacting with his peers, being contacted for playdates or birthday parties. When I read this thread, I felt so sick to my stomach. I felt an ocean of sadness for the mom and her child. I was filled with rage against the teacher and remorse for all the lost opportunities the child could have had to socialize with his peers, in the school and outside of it. The teacher had doomed the child to fail. My blood boils when I think how this could happen to Nikko one day. I absolutely adore Nikko's preschool teachers. Even on stressful days, I never hear them bad-mouthing the students. It makes me wonder why, if you are a teacher, you ARE a teacher. If a teacher finds no joy in teaching students anymore, can those people do everyone a favor and leave the teaching profession? We trust our children in the care of teachers, and blindly assume that they care back. Can the teachers that really, truly care about children and their futures please stay in the system, be compensated accordingly, and just keep on being fantastic? The evil teacher caused insurmountable pain for the mom, a regression in the child, and a disdain for ignorant people on a very active ASD board. I feel so much pain and sadness for the mom. If Nikko was purposely blacklisted by his teacher I think I would be in complete shock above all. I hate to think of the fight this mom is about to take up, possibly involving legal action against the teacher and/or the school district, if there is enough of a case. I really feel for her. I wish I could tell her something more comforting than "I'm sorry," but I can't find the right words. It's a completely painful situation, through and through.

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