Saturday, September 11, 2010


When Kathy was leaving our house yesterday, I remember saying in an offhand manner, "I have NO idea why Nikko is acting this way, and that's pretty sad coming from the person that is supposed to know him the best." It saddens me to think that I can't figure out why Nikko is having these emotional roller coasters. I feel really helpless when Nikko throws himself onto the floor and drags a pillow over his head, or puts his head into a storage bin. He's been having these moments again this past week. The odd thing is after lunch today I saw him getting sleepy on the couch. This was alarming because we were 20 minutes away from putting on shoes and waiting for the school bus. I put Audrey down for a nap and went back to check on Nikko. He was drowsy, hunched over and crying. I wondered if he had a tummy ache, but he didn't push me away when I pressed on his stomach. He seemed distressed, upset that he wasn't able to fall completely asleep, and anxious. I wrote a quick note to his teachers that Nikko wasn't quite himself today. When the bus came trundling down the street, Ronin and I ran to the driveway but Nikko ambled slowly on the brick pavers. He was also slow getting into his seat, but no tears. Nikko was fine getting off the bus at the end of the day. Both boys had fallen asleep on the bus and I don't blame them since the ride is long. The school is actually ten minutes away, but when the kids ride the bus it takes them an average 25 minutes. In the evening we had dinner at the in-laws and all the kids had fun playing with their cousins. Nikko ate some of the chicken nuggets at dinner but only ate the breaded coating. Ronin had been running around a lot after dinner and I feared that he might throw up his dinner if he continued to climb the furniture and run around recklessly. Denis got a big purple bowl and put it nearby in case Ronin had to throw up. Nikko immediately adopted the bowl and started putting his face into it, much like how he put his head in a storage bin under the kitchen table at home. He abandoned it for a while and Audrey and Maya picked it up, pretending to eat cereal from it. After Nikko took a bath, he commandeered the bowl back and wouldn't return it to Lola. We didn't fight him to return it so it's currently in the back of our Pilot.

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