Monday, March 9, 2009


Today we went to ABT to get a new DVD player because the old one was broken by the boys. They had put some Thomas trains behind the DVD and DVR players; I believe the magnets in the trains caused the DVD player to go weird and it started producing a reddish-pink static screen instead of a colored screen. The DVR was starting to go on the fritz as well, but I think I saw the trains in time. Denis was able to reprogram the DVR so it still works.

We put the sleeping kids in the double stroller and Ronin went into the umbrella stroller. Nikko woke up upon transport, which is unusual because he is usually able to conk out from car to stroller wherever we go. Ronin, on the other hand, conked out completely (ironically it was his naptime at home, the one he has refused to take at 2pm every day this week, and cried the entire naptime at home). When we walked into ABT, some guy gave me a hat for the kids (they missed Denis' stroller because he was inundated by customers). It was a navy hat with an emblem of a hand that says, "for autistic kids". Their website is and I think I'll check it out soon. I thought it was cool, but didn't proclaim to anyone that I have an autistic kid. ABT was packed with customers because there was a sale going on and it was a rainy Sunday. We made our way to the DVD players and Nikko was surprisingly in a good mood and compliant. He didn't freak out with the swarm of people in front of him. He remained quite calm, and when he started to look antsy I pulled out the animal crackers and juice. Winner! But overall I was able to stand or crouch next to Nikko in the stroller and just be coolio with him. That was nice. Denis told me he fell asleep quickly this evening. I wonder if it was because his nap was so short. I have observed him over a few weeks and I have decided that if he falls asleep for a nap during the day, the nap can last no longer than one hour. This is because sleeping longer will inhibit him from falling asleep at bedtime. I wish I could say the same about Ronin, who will probably resist his 2pm naptime for the rest of this coming week!!!

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