Sunday, March 29, 2009

Little things on a blah day

Nothing very exciting happened today. I hate blogging about a boring day where Nikko didn't seem to do anything extraordinary, but there were just little things that he did that were typical of himself, still worth writing about. We ran out of bananas for breakfast so we gave him a bowl of blueberry yogurt. He enjoys that and can eat it with a spoon. It's messy, of course, and he tends to dip his fingers in it (like with his mashed potatoes) and then wipe them on the sides of his onesie as well as on his sweatpants. But the fact that he uses a spoon at all is something to commend him on. This morning I noticed for the first time that he was taking a Cheerio and dipping it into the yogurt with his thumb and index finger and then eating it. I praised him for that because I had read in a developmental book that kids love to dip their food in sauces... and this is something I had never seen Nikko do. He doesn't dip his nuggets in ketchup, and he never eats crudites much less dip them in ranch dressing. The end result was a goopy mess of Cheerios in his bowl, but I was happy to see him do this skill nonetheless.

Another thing he is getting good at is jumping. For the past week he's been jumping like a frog, especially when I start singing the Jump Jump Jump song from Hi-5. This evening I noticed that he got up on the couch and wasn't just running along the cushions, he was also jumping from square to square. This is great because maybe we can get him to jump on the trampoline. I guess I won't return it right away. One more thing he did this afternoon: to my dismay, he trekked back into the living room carrying a clear plastic bin of soft-plastic colored mosh pit balls that I had hid in the nursery. My Sherlock Holmes found them. He urged me to take off the lid and then he promptly turned it upside down over his head to let all the balls fall over him and all over the floor. He dove on top of them as if he were swimming. This is typical of Nikko. What I noticed later on was that he took the lid of the bin and put it on an angle against the striped ottoman. He sat at the top and slid down as if it were a slide. Then he ran two steps back to set it up again and slide down. He really loves to slide nowadays as I've seen him do at each park we've went to. Therefore, I've GOT to win the auctions I have going on Ebay right now... there are two Little Tikes Cube Climbers that I'm bidding on, with local pick-ups if I win the auctions. Now I have to play it safe to avoid any snipers!

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