Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Music in his head?

Nikko started the day in a good mood. He didn't resist diaper changes or mealtimes and didn't ask for things he couldn't have. I watched him again during lunchtime, after he ate his chicken nuggets and mac cheese. He was doing that weird dance in the middle of the kitchen again. This time I did see some stimming behavior, some shaking of his head back and forth, but as I watched him he did seem like he was doing a dance to some music in his head. Audrey was entertained by his dancing in her exersaucer nearby. During Ronin's nap I took Audrey and Nikko downstairs where he ran about and was crawling over the foof chairs. There was a period of time where he wedged himself between a trampoline and the A/V console. I thought he was looking for a quiet place to poo, but he was poo-free so perhaps he just liked the tight spot. He tends to like tunnels (but never used to crawl in them) or tunnel-like spaces, especially close to the floor.

Later in the day, Nikko took a nap and when he woke up he was incredibly clingy to me. Those are hard times because Audrey is usually bawling and Nikko wants me all to himself. I give him some firm hugs, but coaxing him off me is very hard. And for some reason tonight, Nikko did not eat his dinner (at least didn't finish most of it in front of me). I don't know why, I didn't think he was full from the snack he had around 4:30. He had pudding, and that wasn't enough to fill him up. Sometimes I just don't know what goes on in his head. Tomorrow he has speech therapy and I wonder if I'll be wrestling with him again since he hasn't seen Gloria in two weeks. Brianna will be here to take Ronin downstairs, and she'll watch the boys in the afternoon while I go to the chiropractor. I hope she can interact with him a bit more, but his attention span is so short that she also seems distant toward him.

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