Monday, March 23, 2009

Hands-free stim

This will be short because it's 3am and I still can't find where I put the checkbook. I have an inkling that the boys took it and it's in the house somewhere. I have to tear apart the house tomorrow.

We went to a boy Ty's 2nd bday at his house in Streamwood. Nikko did pretty well. There was a racing car track that spun on its own, so I'd wager that Nikko was in stim heaven. He didn't have to move a thing, the track spun the cars for him! All was well until cake time. It was ice cream and chocolate cake, and Nikko had his eyes on it from the minute it appeared. We did feed him, but then he wanted to go play outside. It was time to GO! On the way home we stopped by a park to take the boys and Audrey for a walk, but they wanted to go on the playground equipment. We didn't stay long because it was c-c-cold. Finally, the rest of the night went well without much activity. Nikko didn't eat his nuggets but when I made some mac & cheese he inhaled it. He also let me kiss him before going to bed. Nite nite!

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