Monday, March 23, 2009

Are we plateauing?

The sitter is fired. Or let go, to be nicer. Besides Audrey's crying and all 3 kids being so young, she had mentioned Nikko's autism as something else she just wasn't experienced in. Ironically, he was the reason she took the job with us, so she told me back in the day. I think she learned stuff about autism, especially from the therapy sessions. But I also know that he made her nervous because she didn't know when he would have a tantrum, and what she should do in the event he has a tantrum. I think there isn't really anything special to do if he does tantrum; he's having them just like a normal 2 year old, with kicking and screaming and some flinging of things. All I do is give him big hugs, strokes on the back and arms, and try to be calming. It's not like he's going into an epileptic seizure, so there's nothing really to fear. What I end up wondering is how long it will last, and what can I do to make it shorter i.e. transitioning with something else attractive like food or a toy. Sure it's natural to worry about an outburst in a public place, but she was always at home with him. OK, I'm going to let this go and not take it personally. It wasn't a good fit in the long run, we were probably too unorganized and unstructured for her anyway.

The day kinda flew. Nikko even managed to fall asleep between 4-5pm. The minute he did, I went to hunt for the checkbook in the Pilot and found it wedged deep between the middle console and the seat. Thank you, GOD! Before naptimes I took the kids into the basement. I'm going to have to change up the toys because they could be better entertained down there. We played some tickle games tonight. I'm going to have to find more finger play songs for him, so we don't beat the Itsy Bitsy Spider and the Wheels on the Bus to death.

A little worried because Blue Cross Blue Shield is giving Gloris the ST a hard time with the billing. I don't know why she's not getting paid like she should; we are receiving the EOBs so what's the deal? I put an inquiry into Mary Leonard our coordinator to see if there's anything I should be doing. It will get really difficult if we have to start paying out of pocket for ST.

OH YEAH, I had posted the sitter situation on Facebook today, and I got a message from Rupak Parikh, the brother of an old classmate of mine. He saw that I mentioned I had an autistic son and he recommended a pediatric psychiatrist in case I didn't already have one. I was floored that that info came out of the blue, and I thanked him for it. I'll do some info gathering on her, a doctor from Marianjoy Rehab. I know I still have that long application for St. Alexian, but hadn't sent it in yet coz they are asking for all this paperwork from all the therapists. I think it might be in Nikko's best interests to have someone overseeing his autism, someone who knows how to deal with it. I wonder if Nikko is plateauing right now... What can I do to keep encouraging his imitation skills, and increase his comprehension? Finally, we have noticed that Nikko's appetite hasn't really been there lately. I wonder if it's just from being 2.5 years old, not always eating. He's not eating his chicken nuggets, and he ate 3/4 of his mac cheese but not all of it. Wondering what's going on with his appetite. Going to have to change up his meals, too.

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