Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good ST today

Speech therapy went surprisingly well for Nikko. He didn't try to escape the corner once I placed him in it. If he got up it was to sit in my lap. He engaged in threading animal shapes on a stick, a fish-peg game, bubbles, the magna doodle and finger play songs. There was probably something else but it escapes me right now. Gloria said he did very well, especially good with eye contact today, and after 45 minutes of straight play he started getting antsy and that's a good thing. He seemed more relaxed and easier to engage. His transitions between activites were smoother and I even noticed that his breathing seemed heavier and relaxed. Good signs. I totally thought it was going to be a wrestling session. At the end, Gloria and I were lamenting on Jen's inevitable departure. Boo hiss.

I had to leave for chiro after lunch and when I did, Nikko went ballistic according to Brianna. He was not a happy camper and I could even hear his wails as I walked toward the car. When I came back he was really happy to see me and climbed into my lap any chance he got. Brianna told me he fell asleep after crying himself out, but the fact that he was able to calm himself eventually is a good sign. Poor lil man. His whining and crabbiness carried over into bedtime, but Denis said that he fell asleep fairly quickly so he was tried.

This evening was Nikko's swim class at the Rec Plex. I tried to get a detailed report, but Denis said he did fine, that he cried before and after the pool. Nikko loves the water so I can understand how he probably didn't want to leave the pool. Ever. I'll bet the water has a calming and stimming effect on him. Although Ronin napped this afternoon, he cried for a half hour before going to sleep. I don't know why except maybe he wasn't tired enough to sleep. That mixed with just wanted to be up and with me. I will have to try to tire both him and Nikko out before the night's end, but it's hard to do with Audrey on me, too.

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