Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today's DT session went well, or as Jen said, much better than the last two we've had. Nikko didn't really try to escape as much, but he ended up in my lap and being Noodleman for a lot of the session (Noodleman comes out when he flops on the floor and doesn't use any muscles to support himself). Audrey was awake the entire session and had a period of fussiness but still managed to survive without a major meltdown. Nikko played with a thead-the-apple-with-worm toy, then moved on to memory cards. He also played with a baby doll. He knows that shoes go on the doll's feet and that a brush is used in the hair, but he's not completely set on how to feed with a bottle and/or a spoon and bowl. Jen suggested that I pretend to feed a baby doll during our regular mealtime so he can see how it works, do it for a few minutes, then put the doll away. He also did some bubbles but wasn't really into it, and finished with a car puzzle. We also sang some finger play songs to keep him alert. Nikko didn't really seem with it and I worried that perhaps he is getting tired during that time of day. After DT, I put Audrey down for a nap, then Ronin was put in his room (he cried for 30 minutes before settling down for a 40 minute nap). Nikko did not fall asleep right away, but did finally sleep around 3:15p and did so for almost two hours. I'm thinking, however, that one hour might be enough of a nap for him. Reason why is because we just put him down tonight, perhaps 25 minutes ago, and I can hear that he is still awake in the bedroom with Denis. Perhaps two hours in the middle of the day is too much. I'll have to make sure to tell Brianna that we'll let him sleep 1 hour max during a nap.

Denis took the boys in the basement for a romp before dinner and I think that helps them get some energy out. But Nikko didn't have a big appetite for dinner. Bedtime was normal, but he went Noodleman on Denis when getting ready for the bath and Nikko's arm got pulled in the wrong direction. I think he's ok, however, because he can still move it.

I told Jen that for the past few days Nikko has been uber-clingy to me, but today he climbed up into my lap and really peered into my face. Not wanting to waste the moment (and quite honestly I was getting irriated with him in my face but I had to dial it back a few notches because there was eye contact, which is a good thing, and I really shouldn't be getting annoyed just because my son wants to look at me. What annoyed me was Audrey wailing in the background because she wanted to be picked up and wasn't getting her wants met), I started pointing to my nose and back at his, pointed to my eyes and back at his, pointed to my mouth and back at his. If he's going to look into my face, I might as well name body parts so he'll pick up on something. I also noticed while changing Audrey's diaper in the bedroom that Nikko walked by the closet full-length mirror and looked at himself. He left the room and came back immediately while watching his reflection. When he got out of view he pivoted and watched himself walk by again. Luckily he didn't bump into the door frame, but I noted that this probably shows his self-awareness is increasing. All of it is a good thing.

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