Monday, March 16, 2009

Going to the park 2

Today was a much better day for Nikko overall. In the mornings I don't barge in on him; I wait until I can hear him babbling to himself, then I go in, grab a diaper and welcome him to the day. He had a fairly good morning, not excessively clingy. We made it through lunch and I decided that we should go into the basement until it was naptime for Audrey and Ronin. The kids romped around for a little bit until I went on the computer and played a Hi-5 song over the speakers. Both boys froze and looked over to the big screen where nothing was showing. Nikko started to whine because he wanted to see the episode so I turned on the TV and put one on. Nikko sat comfortably on the couch watching Hi-5, but I felt regretful because I wanted the kids to run around, not sit around. Next time I'll keep the TV off! We moved back upstairs so I could put the babies to sleep. Unfortunately, Nikko didn't take a nap all day. Denis came home and then we got a visit from Eric and Leslie, who were in town for Eric's bday, and later on Atz and her girls came for dinner. When Eric and Leslie arrived we all went to the park at the school again. It's much easier to watch the kids when there are more reliable eyes around. I also got re-acquainted with our neighbors behind our house, Mike and Kristin and their son John who is slightly younger than Nikko, December bday. It got a little weird when Kristin asked me where Nikko will go for preschool because Nikko won't go to a regular preschool. I guess this is a glimpse of future conversations regarding preschool. I told her Nikko is on the Autism spectrum and he'd go to a special preschool because he doesn't even have any words yet. I wasn't sure what I wanted to tell her exactly, so this is something I should give some thought. It won't be the last time this comes up, and I don't want anyone to pity him or me.

Anyway, both Nikko and Ronin had a blast at the park. They ran around freely on the apparatus and even used the shorter slides. They got huge praise from all of us when they went down the slide correctly, and Nikko would scramble around to climb back up the stairs to repeat it. Leslie was able to take some pictures of us, including me, since I am practically never in any pictures being the one who is taking all of them. Eric is very good at being with the kids because he also has a childlike mind (thinks as a child would act, is what I mean). I noticed later in the evening that when Audrey was going bezerk in the exersaucer, it was Eric who was able to briefly placate her until I could get back to her. When it was time to leave the park it was very difficult for Nikko, of course. He protested all the way back, but Denis was able to charm him back into smiles by instigating a chasing game. I'm really glad he walked back into the house in smiles instead of tears.

Dinnertime was pretty chaotic with all these different people milling back and forth from the kitchen to living room, but Nikko and Ronin were stable in their high chairs. I could tell that Nikko was starting to get tired because he wouldn't even finish the brownie I put in front of him, and he started laying on the floor to play with a Curious George toy. It was obvious that Ronin was tired because he whined and screamed and tried to velcro himself to my leg while I put Audrey down. Needless to say, they both went to bed and it's quiet right now. Thanks very much to Eric and Leslie for hanging with us at the park!

Nikko has gotten better at doing some imitation. He is really getting good at doing The Wheels on the Bus in that he can request it by motioning, can mimic the Wheels, Doors, Wipers, Horn, Up & Down, crying babies, and [sort of] making a heart for the parents. He tries to put his hands on mine, as if to do HOH on me, but I stop him and make HIM do the motions. I'm not the one who needs the therapy for this! The eye contact for these finger plays is pretty good. He watches me like a hawk sometimes. Nikko is also practicing jumping more, and while he won't do it on command, he recognizes when I tell him to jump. I've got to try letting him drink from an open cup during mealtimes. I've also got to get another hanging coat rack on the wall so he can start hanging up his own jacket or backpack.

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