Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pre-talk about preschool

We didn't have anything on the calendar at first, but then Cyndi the social services coordinator called to say she was on the way. I always seem to forget that she comes every other week. I don't mind her visits at all, they are kind of welcome since we weren't going out until later in the evening. When she came, Audrey was about to go into a nap. This got ruined by both Ronin and Nikko, who were fighting over one of the vehicle puzzles she brought. Nikko ran screeching down the hall because he was looking for me to complain to. That woke up Audrey so I had to bring her into the living room and keep her awake for another 30 minutes. We talked about preschool and how Nikko will really benefit from it. She mentioned that it could be every day, and that's a scary concept! Right now I have no idea how Nikko could be away from home for a few hours without knowing a single soul around him. That sounds so scary. Granted he's autistic, but he is a bit more emotional than your typical autistic kid who isn't supposed to be attached to other people. I sure hope there will be a good integration process into preschool. I'm also wondering how he will learn to handle mealtimes since he tends to get up from the table and start running around. I will have to institute that no-snacking-between-meals rule pretty soon. I don't want him to be a failure in preschool. Something else I have to do is review those milestones chartst that Shelly gave me, in order to help write his IEP (Individualized Education Program) with the school people and the therapists. I'll try to fill out that workout they provided. I guess I should figure out what I'd like Nikko to accomplish in the next year. The thing is that I'm not exactly sure what he's supposed to know vs. what I'd like him to know. I'd like him to be able to SPEAK and use words, of course. But also be able to understand abstract concepts, or even simple concepts. Respond to his name. Follow commands. These kind of abilities are different from wanting him to be able to learn how to jump, how to use a scissors, how to cross the street safely. I'm almost through reading the packets of info they gave me to review, but it's taking so much time because the kiddies are always up in my business so I don't really get a good chance to read unless Audrey is down for a nap and out of my arms. This is butting heads with me trying to make progress in The Sneak Chef book, also an important read so I can get some nutrition into these chicken nugget eaters. But since the Transition meeting is on Monday at 3pm, those school packets take priority.

We went to the in-laws tonight. Nikko and Ronin slept in the car on the way. Nikko didn't have a nap all day so I didn't mind his zzzz's. Ronin on the other hand had protested for most of his 2pm naptime and got only 10 minutes from it. Total rebellion. It doesn't matter, because I am sticking to this 2ish naptime for him. He needs a nap, this is how he's going to get it! Nikko was incredibly clingy when he woke up after the car ride, and both he and Ronin were inconsolable while I was trying to get the food ready. I knew that I had to get Ronin situated in his chair with food and drink ready before I could turn my attention to Nikko and calm him down. So that's what I did. After cutting up Ronin's nuggets I was able to turn to Nikko, sit him on my lap and feed him his nuggets while talking to him in a calming voice. He got much better as the evening wore on, and ran around the living room happily playing with an empty water jug. Novel toy there.

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